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I've been made aware of another loss to the PPC family, Dick Lague, due to pancreatic cancer. It is at times like this that I am so thankful for this page and the connectivity we all have. I was glad to see Dick attend the 2019 Reunion. He told me he very much enjoyed it. he will be remembered. His station in the PPC legacy is set due to his sharp automotive and motorcycle business acumen. R.I.P. Dick.
He too has surviving family. Please keep them in your thoughts.


It is with a very heavy heart that I report the passing of James Potter. You may remember him as one of the security guards that started working the front desk at 6420 Wilshire. He's been a part of the facilities team with Vargas up to this month, down in El Segundo. He was a sweet guy always willing to help, if you didn't mind a little wise guy back talk. He'd give you the shirt off his back. I really have no further details other than it was cancer that got him. I know he has a family, so if it is your thing, please pray for them. —Thomas

PPC Reunion 2019

PPC Reunion 2019

PPC Reunion 10/12/2019

PPC Reunion 10/12/2019


While many of us made a great effort to be at the reunion, Peggy Medina wins the prize for distance. She changed her plans and flew out from Ireland just to attend. I think that is worth noting. Great to see you again Peggy.

More than a few RSVPs didn't make it. You were missed.

More than a few RSVPs didn't make it. You were missed.

More photos

More photos

Former GOMs hanging out at the Petersen Publishing Company reunion.Jackie Manfredi

Former GOMs hanging out at the Petersen Publishing Company reunion.
Jackie Manfredi

Scott & BJ Killeen with Heather Karr Johnson

Scott & BJ Killeen with Heather Karr Johnson


I would just like to say...THANK YOU ALL, so very much. I am simply overwhelmed to have so many great people speaking into my life. Even though we may have never worked together, you are family to me. Getting the opportunity to meet you, face to face, blesses me in ways you will never know. I find it impossible to imagine my life without the PPC experience. When I hear other people hating on their jobs I feel so sad, but at the same time incredibly fortunate to have been so privileged. Again, thank you. — Thomas

Gigi Carlton, thanks for your time and effort making the PPC reunion happen. And congratulations on your book!

Gigi Carlton, thanks for your time and effort making the PPC reunion happen. And congratulations on your book!

Photos from Petersen Publishing Employee Reunion's post

Photos from Petersen Publishing Employee Reunion's post

Photos from Petersen Publishing Employee Reunion's post

Photos from Petersen Publishing Employee Reunion's post


Just wanted to say how much fun it was last night at the PPC reunion. It was great to see so many wonderful faces. PPC was a family, and it really felt like it last night. Thanks to all who made the effort to show up. The long-distance award goes to Peggy Medina, of course, but it everyone deserves a big pat on the back for making it a true reunion. We promise it won't be the last; it might have been the biggest, but you can't keep us away from each other! If you have photos, please post here!


Greetings and good morning my friends,

Hopefully this note finds you eagerly awaiting news about this Saturday’s event. If you know of someone that didn’t receive this, please forward it to them.

This event is for the employees of the Petersen Publishing Company, under Robert E Petersen, from its inception in 1948 to its sale in 1996.
Due to an unexpectedly enormous turnout, NO GUESTS, please. The museum’s physical resources are already being put to the test. Please honor this request and be appreciative when dealing with all museum volunteers and staff during the event. THANK YOU!

Here is some info to answer your questions (I hope):

TIME: 6pm-9pm

LOCATION: The Petersen Automotive Museum, 6060 Wilshire Blvd (corner of Fairfax), Los Angeles, 90036

PARKING: The museum parking structure will be available for FREE parking, until full, then street parking is an option in the surrounding area. (There is another large event running concurrently with the Reunion, so the best parking will go quickly.)

FOOD/DRINK: Food provided by the Museum. There is a sponsored bar as well. Be responsible.

ATTIRE: Dress as you like. Business casual suggested, but I know some of you feel like that is the equivalent of a tux, so…

THE VAULT: The Vault will be open for review during the reunion. (Hours below)

PRESENTATIONS: I will give an official greeting and speak briefly with you about the Petersen history and Archive effort at 7:20 pm. At 7:30 pm Museum Director, Terry Karges, will present the Petersen Scholarship Award and introduce GiGi Carlton, who will be available to sign copies of her new book about the Petersen legacy, Hot Rod Empire.

Event Schedule:
6PM - Cocktail Hour and Self Guided Vault Tour
7PM - All Guests Invited back to Penthouse (Food Served)
7:20PM Opening Remarks: Thomas Voehringer
7:30PM - Terry Karges
7:40PM - GiGi Carlton
9 PM - Event Concludes
Most importantly, enjoy yourself. This is likely to be the last big, hosted, get together of former PPC employees. We are a vanishing breed. Let’s celebrate, what for some of us, has been the time of our lives!

Fond regards, and can’t wait to see you there!

Thomas Voehringer

RSVP list available on Petersen Reunion page! posted below: Adolph, JimAlexander, LeeAllen, Benn...
Petersen Reunion | Petersen Automotive Museum

RSVP list available on Petersen Reunion page!

Also posted below:

Adolph, Jim
Alexander, Lee
Allen, Bennie
Anderson, Steve
Anderson, Nancy
Baechtel, John
Bakke, Bruce
Baxter-Jordan, Mary
Beck, Lisa
Benty, Cam
Blair, Lynn
Boddington, Craig
Borsum, Eric
Bourdon, Stuart
Boyd, LaRaine
Boyd, Rich
Brauer, Karl
Britt, Neil
Brown, Susan
Browne, Sophia
Byrd, Anna
Campbell, Steve
Camron, Roxanne
Cappa, John
Carleton, GiGi
Carlton, Christine
Carr-Roda, Andree
Centeno, Brandi
Chavez, Marianela
Chittick, Cecily
Clark, Michael
Clarke, Carol
Cook, Miles
Corsun, Sherrie
Cortez, Yolanda
Cox, Brian
Crow, DeEtte
Cunningham, Irmasteve
Curtiss, Carol
D'Olivo, Bob
Danh, Philippe
Del Valle, Ronna
Dennis, Darryl
Diamond, Amy
Didato, Joe
Donchez, Tom
Drew, Martha
Dunbar Enzer, Karen
Dzus, Ted
Elvidge, Jamie
Emanuelson, Leonard
Faught, Ken
Fitleberg, Melanie
Fitzsimmons, Jon
Fort, Jane
Fox, Anthony
Foy, Bill
Freiburger, David
Friedman, Art
Gabriel, Ira
Gaughen, Vickie
Girard Cobb, Catherine
Graalman, Eva
Gregory, Fred
Guscott, Charles
Hardin, Drew
Hardin, Kerry
Harrison, Dawna
Hatano, Brian
Hazel, Christian
Hibbitt, Joseph
Hibler, Harry
Hirata, Mimi
Horn, Chris
Horton, Steve
Huber, Alan
Judy, John
Karr Johnson, Heather
Kavanagh, Jason
Kelly, Howard
Kennedy, David
Kerschner, Vicki
Killeen, Scott
Killeen, BJ
King, Matt
Kinnan, Rob
Kirk, Michael
Korn, Craig
Kramer, Karel
Kuhn, Fran
Kurtz, Rusty
Lago, Eduardo
Lague, Richard
Lai, Garrett
LaSalle, Denise
Lee, Kevin
Lee, Ken
Lick, Sarah
Lim, Howard
Lorentzen, Randy
Loughnane, Deirdre
Mack, Tracey
Mackie, Jenny
MacKinnon, Bryn
Madonna, Bill
Magda, Mike
Manfredi, Jackie
Martin, Jane
Martin, Isaac
Martinez, J.R.
Masaoka, Terry
Mazeika, John
Mazzotti, Jeffrey
McClurg, Bob
Mcdowell, Patrick
Medina, Peggy
Middlesworth, Greg
Morey, Charlie
Morr, Tom
Mulqueen, Jill
Murray, Spencer
Murray, Carolyn
Myer, Ellie
Myers, David
Nagy, Bob
Neal, Deborah
Nikitas, Barbara
Orosco, David
Osiecki, Penny
Pardilla, Caroline
Paredes, Sarah
Pascal, Carolyn
Pearson, Matthew
Peggy Medina, Margaret
Petralia, Mike
Péwé, Rick
Plambeck, Kevin
Polk-Wren, Tracey
Quinnell, Cole
Refling, Steve
Resnick, Jim
Rigney, Stacey
Rigney, John
Roda, Andree
Romans, Brent
Ross, Brent
Ross, Dan
Sanders, Bernice
Schaffels, Brandy
Schiavone, John
Schiffman, Rona
Schoenholz, Elon
Schubeck, Joe
Sebergandio, Joe
Segal, Barri
Sharp, Steve
Silvers, Cindy
Singleton, Tom
Slater, Anne
Smart, Jim
Smart-Freiburger, Karen
Smith, Jeff
Smith, Greg
Smith, Debra
Snyder, Mark
Soled, Allison
Solomon, Betty
Stewart, Cathy
Tabor Arndt, Janet
Takahashi, Mark
Tellem, Tori
Temkin, Catherine
Thiel, Theresa
Thom, David
Thomas, Phillip
Timberlake, Scott
Tonnu, Madeleine
Torres-Moody, Marcie
Turczyn, Michelle
Van Cleve, Karen
Van Der Linde, Annette
Van Tune, C.
Vannatter, Mike
Vernier, Jason
Voehringer, Thomas
Von Helmolt, Bill
Vopat, Chris
Wallace Jr., Dave
Warner, Steve
Weinberger, Paul
Westover, Todd
Wheeler, Doreen
Williams, Catherine
Wilson, Elyse
Winger, Jay
Winkler, Lisa
Wong, Jonathan
Xydias, Alex
Zinke, Ed

Museum patrons are invited to participate in the 3rd annual Petersen Invitational at Willow. Members of the Petersen will descend on Willow for a weekend of adrenaline and speed. The two-day event will feature autocross, track time, live entertainment, a drivers panel discussion, a live-auction and


5-Days Away!
This is an event to honor the employees of the original Petersen Publishing Company (1948-1996).
• Event starts promptly at 6pm.
(There will be another event at the Museum on Saturday so arrive on time for best parking)
• Business casual attire requested
• Vault Access is included
• Opening Address (Thomas Voehringer) 7:20pm
• Scholarship Presentation (Terry Karges/GiGi Carlton) 7:30pm
• Dinner and open bar
• GiGi will be signing copies of her book, Hot Rod Empire
• Event concludes at 9pm
There are no +1 for this event. If you have any special physical needs, please let me know.


RSVP Registration
Closes Tomorrow!
Tues Oct 8


More info later today!



• The RSVP list will be posted soon on the Petersen Reunion page so you can see who's rsvp'd (though not everyone will show up, probably).
• This will be a mingle fest, but there is also a presentation relating to a museum scholarship
• There will be a guest book for you to sign that will remain as a historical piece of the Archive
• There is no plans to have another, so this may be the last large scale reunion. So, try to make it.
• If you have PPC related things (NO magazines, thank you. LOL!) you would like to donate to the museum from your time there, please bring them with you, if possible.
• I would like to get a group photo of over 150 attendees. The Museum photog is concerned about the logistics of such a photo. If anyone would like to school their guy on group shots, please let me know.
• I will have more info Monday afternoon.

We have people coming from every corner of the US to be here. That is exciting! This will be a great get together. I'm sure you will enjoy it! Thank you all so much for your help!

Thomas Voehringer
Petersen Photo Archive


Some of you received numerous emails about your RSVP. That's because you signed up numerous times. Once was enough.
I may issue a slightly embarrassing award at the Reunion for the person that repeatedly signed up the most. All in fun! LOL!


One more call for those that have already signed up.


UPDATE:You should be receiving an acknowledgement of your RSVP from the Petersen Museum soon. When, exactly, you will ge...

You should be receiving an acknowledgement of your RSVP from the Petersen Museum soon. When, exactly, you will get it is unknown.
Since there is no fee, there is no need for tickets. Names from the RSVP sign-up will be used to make a name tag that you will pick up at the entrance upon arrival.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!




From Thomas Voehringer

Just a heads up. The Petersen Automotive Museum is planning on a reunion/anniversary bash in mid-October of next year (2019). All former PPC employees are welcome. It will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Museum and Motor Trend's 70 Anniversary. It would be great to see all of you again. We can peruse the digitized Archive images and reminisce. LOL. More details will be coming out in the next few months.

Got a question from someone.Does anyone remember/know of an  employee possibly from the Atlanta office that owned a 1964...

Got a question from someone.

Does anyone remember/know of an employee possibly from the Atlanta office that owned a 1964 Black Corvette fuelie with a red interior?
Maybe owned by an LA employee that moved to the Atlanta office or area? It has an brown parking sticker on the rear view mirror.
The car was sold in 1974 or so.

Thank you


If you attended the PPC reunion and took photos, please email them to me at [email protected] and I'll post all of them on the page. Special thanks to those who made it, and especially our guest of honor, Gigi!


LAST DAY to send in your info for the name badges if you are coming to the PPC Reunion at the Westgate hotel in Las Vegas October 30!


I have old or incorrect emails for the following people for the PPC Reunion. Please reply here or via PM with your new, correct email. If you know the person, please let them know I need their emails, thanks! I will post this on the PPC site as well.

Peggy Medina, Peter DuPre, Brent Ross, Karen Nicolas, Lisa Galante, Steve Campbell, Jim McCraw, Pam Middleton, Lee Kelly, Marlan Davis, Bob D'Olivo, John Graney,


If you live in LA and are interested in coming to the PPC Reunion, but don't want to drive by yourself. we have had some other people wonder who would be interested in carpooling. If you are interested in doing something like this, put you name down here and we can help coordinate the effort. It takes about 4 hours to drive to Vegas, and if you leave at Noon on Friday, you can be here around 4 pm, hang out for 3-4 hours, and head home about 8 p.m you'll be back by midnight. Easy drive, we've done it hundreds of times! This would save you a hotel room cost, and you'd only have to take off a half day on Friday, which no one really works anyway! 😁

Photos from Petersen Publishing Employee Reunion's post

Photos from Petersen Publishing Employee Reunion's post


We're getting closer to announcing the details for the PPC Reunion at SEMA for 2017. We already have over 100 names on the email list. If you haven't yet sent yours to us, do it now and we can add you. Stay tuned for details soon!


If you haven't already, please send me a PM with your name/email/phone number/dept. or magazine where you worked. Compiling a master email list for the SEMA PPC reunion.


We are in the planning stages for a PPC Employee Reunion the night before SEMA 2017 opens. The location will be in Las Vegas with the venue being close to the "ho**er" bar at the Westgate hotel, hopefully. So the date would be Monday, Oct 30th!

Why Las Vegas and why close to SEMA? A whole lot of ex-PPC employees go to SEMA and SEMA is held in Las Vegas.

Only Petersen Publishing Company employees. But we have heard from many vendors and associates who worked with PPC staff and they want to join in seeing old friends and sharing great memories from back in the day. We can't blame them for wanting in on the fun. Any thoughts? I thought if they buy the drinks they can attend. LOL

Who's in?

Would a personal Las Vegas bound bus/van from the LA area help anyone in attending?

Would Sunday night the 29th be a better date for many?

Thank you


Any PPC people know how to get a hold of Jane Barrett who used to work in the photo department?


8490 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA


(818) 907-8286



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Comments Thank you to Vargas for organizing this.
I worked at the Sunset and Highland location while at Hollywood High and then years later in advertising sales with Bruce Bahke. How do I get informed of furture reunions. My leg was on the cover of Motorcyle's boot buyers guide edition in 1979.
Hello Everyone, I just learned of the passing of co-worker and dear friend, Rob Watkins. Rob started in the mailroom at 8490 and then moved to copying services/supply room in the same building. Following that, moved to a position at 6725 which I do not remember the department. Rob was a class act, well-read and well spoken and liked by everyone. From what I gathered he passed in 1998 at age 36. If anyone knows about his passing, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks so much. BTW I started at PPC around 84, interviewed by John Perminterre (sp) for a typesetting position, hired by Bonnie Cardone and answered to Paul Tzimoulis. My title was Data Analyst and I kept marketing records for Skin Diver, Photographic and Sea Magazines. I later moved to become Senior Market Research Analyst at 8300, replacing Diane Chalcraft. I reported to both Ralph Panico and Don McGlathery, and was responsible for marketing research and created presentations for the advertising sales staff.
Does anyone have a contact for Steve Refling?
I wished I could have made it. I have heard it was a wonderful reunion. The old Petersen Days were some of the best times of my life! 21 years of it.
The GOMs of yore: Jackie, Bennie, Marcie and Rochelle
Some of the Motorcyclist crew at the Reunion.
Just came across this. Made me smile.
Okay. The Petersen Reunion at the Museum cost was set at $45. Is this going to deter you from attending? The museum was never an arm of the publishing company, but they want to celebrate your role in his legacy. Their will be scholarships and other awards presented. I knew they weren't going to be able to do this for free. PLEASE, let me know ASAP!
This "happy camper" worked for Motor Trend and Skin Diver magazines but really wanted to work at Teen Magazine! Would like to attend the 2019 Reunion!