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Louisiana Wetlands We represent what duck hunting Louisiana is all about, great times with great folks. We represent the fun side of being out in Louisiana's Wetlands

Hunters of Louisiana! Hopefully the people of our state with your surplus wild game!

Hunters of Louisiana! Hopefully the people of our state with your surplus wild game!


A Bird In Hand. Sometimes you just gotta take what the world’s offering you.

We’ve had some requests for hats so we ran a limited number. Pick yours up while supplies last! $30 includes shipping, a...

We’ve had some requests for hats so we ran a limited number. Pick yours up while supplies last! $30 includes shipping, and each hat comes with an all weather decal for your truck! Hats are Richardson 112 style, except for the 2 fitted FlexFit style hats. DM for payment details.


Or stream at: http://www.lpb.org/live

We are excited to be a part of the Louisiana Public Broadcasting documentary “In The Blind” by Emma Reid.
A beautifully done and thorough film of what it is to hunt ducks in Louisiana.
We were honored to have our footage included in this piece of Louisiana waterfowl history.
Tune in tonight at 7pm to LPB, sit down with your family and enjoy a great film on Louisiana duckhunting.


Some hits, some misses, but always a good time ShellShocked Guide Service


GWT in flight


We visited Jon at ShellShocked Guide Service yesterday to see how his off season work and prep had paid off. We'd say it's looking pretty good!


We're excited to bring fishing content in the future from our Tideline Boats, Inc. 235 Hybrid. Watch till the end for a sneak peek of our hunt with the DUK NUTZ crew.


It doesn’t always work out like you hoped.

Lots of folks have asked about the HUNTING THE HARLEQUIN trip. This is the outfit, we could not recommend a more profess...

Lots of folks have asked about the HUNTING THE HARLEQUIN trip. This is the outfit, we could not recommend a more professional and trustworthy guide in all of Alaska. If you’re looking to bag some bucket list birds and have a trip like we did.....here’s your chance!!!


Who wants to hunt Harlequin, Barrows and Common Goldeneye, Whitewing and Surf and Common Scoters, and a mix of other puddle ducks and seaducks.

Give us a call to book your Southcentral Alaskan seaduck hunting adventure in Prince William Sound. The prime dates are filling fast. 907-602-4002. I will customize trips to fit your needs and desires. We can even put together a trip to Homer Alaska to hunt the famed Kachemak Bay.

Your bucket list birds are just a phone call away!

You can also email me at [email protected]

HAPPY HALFWAY! If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully made it halfway back to duck season. In the off-season we mak...

HAPPY HALFWAY! If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully made it halfway back to duck season. In the off-season we make plans, book trips and get back proof that the season wasn’t a dream. We are excited to get our Hunting The Harlequin dead mount from Birds By Ed, Alaska. He did an incredible job.
This year we’ll be jumping all over the state, and so far have a Mallard trip to Oklahoma, and an Old Squaw & Common Eider trip to Cape Cod planned. What trips do you have planned this season, got room for some tag-alongs?? Let’s see some mounts and plans in the comments! See you in November!



And just like that, the season’s over.....What a great time. We want to thank everyone who reached out, asked for hats, or invited us to tag along. It feels like we’ve built a great community of hunters this year.
You meet some interesting folks in the process of hunting across the state, and from time to time we’ll show you the standouts. Check out Yarbro Custom Calls if you’re looking for quality duck calls, and be sure to check out the very talented Louisiana artist Chase Mullen Chase Mullen Studios
We hope everyone had a safe and productive season, and we hope next year brings the ducks back down. We’ve got some great hunts to share, and If you want us to tell your story, just drop us a line. Have a great off season, see you soon.


Ducks do weird stuff up north.


Calling in the Specks!


Stories from the Timber


Pecan Island has been a great place to hunt over the years. A lot of history and a great place to eat called Suire's Grocery and Restaurant. It's been slow in PI so far, so we dusted off a little hunt from 2016, enjoy.


Ducks in flight.


We were treated to an absolute spectacle this weekend with our good friends at ShellShocked Guide Service “We do everything we can to put you on the birds” is an understatement.
When it’s this good, you just have to soak it in for a few minutes past shooting light. It was a great hunt, can’t wait to share the whole thing. Check them out, no one works harder than Jon to make it happen.


We accidentally spooked a group of teal on the water while getting some landscape shots. For a split second you can get a sense of what it might be like flying in the group.


Fall is nearly here, Teal season is a month off, time to get your plans together. If you've never hunted Catahoula Lake with ShellShocked Guide Service we highly recommend it.




This is it. We've traveled thousands of miles and we've got one last hunt.
We all know what it's like to go home empty handed, we're hoping our luck turns around.



With travel over its time to do what you came for.
The first day hunting the sea ducks of Alaska, you learn the differences in style and method, and get into it thick. It’s very different from what you’re used to, but it’s at least at much fun.



Join us all this week for the 4 part presentation of an incredible duck hunting adventure.

Getting to the spot where you can hunt sea ducks in Alaska is a journey in itself. It takes two days of travel to get from New Orleans to a cabin in Prince William Sound.
The scenery, the people, the weather, it’s all different, and it’s part of what makes the experience. You can’t shoot the ducks until you’re there ....this is how you get to the spot.


West Monroe, LA


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New Orleans Swamp Tour – What Lurks Out There?

The Swamp. What hides here, in these dark rivers and densely overgrown forests as ominous bird calls resonate through the moss draped trees. What creatures troll these muddy depths, laying in wait to pounce on unsuspecting individuals? Long shadows stretch over the black waters as some subtle movement causes ripples to radiate across the otherwise still swamp. It makes one wonder what monstrous creature is lurking in the murky waters below.

Well, actually, a lot of creatures live in the wetlands. They don’t exactly lurk, because, after all, it is their home. And we are about to go see some of them. This day in New Orleans we signed up for a truly unique Louisiana experience, a swamp tour. Glad its bright and sunny today.

NewOrleansLocal New Orleans Swamp Tours Louisiana Wetlands South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center
I will be coming to Louisiana to deliver some amazing Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies on the 13th and 14th of February. If you are interested please PM me and I will give you more information on the pups. You can also check the shires page at
Sammy The Chessy
The Sire and the dam are clear on their eyes hips and elbows and genetic testing. I still have males and females available.
Considering the heat we had an amazing opening weekend of teal season. Got to spend some good time with family and friends. Hampton and the crew from Louisiana Wetlands and Emma who is filming a documentary In_The_Blind joined us as well.
Atchafalaya River Outlet concept for new wetlands and solving flooding.

A small HW (Height X Width) area ARO (Atchafalaya River Outlet) canal 8 miles long or a larger ARO as shown below. connected at a location approximately at sea level https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2586941068001348&id=100000564411827
How many people has experienced bowfishing? What about Louisiana Bowfishing?

This past Friday Louisiana Wetlands and the Prodrive crew went stick some good Ol’ South Louisiana Redfish!

What speck call is a good call for my 11 year son. He has blow some calls but want to get him a good beginner call?
I still hunt ducks in my hand made Dugout Pirogue and hand made Decoys. We limited out the opening weekend hunting the old way.
Lamp-shy foxes in this week's , episode 467 https://www.fieldsportschannel.tv/fieldsportsbritain467/
🦊 Roy has got £8,000-worth of Pulsar thermal imaging kit to play with - and it's devastatingly effective.
🇳🇴 Cai Ap Bryn goes on a 'hunt swap' with ninja red stag caller Johan Trygve 'Trigger' Solheim of the Svanøy Foundation at Kaupanger Hovedgård. But will there be time to get one in the 🥘?
🔥 Leica Sport Optics Hunting are offering up to £300 off selected models in their Magnus Range until 23rd Dec.
West Country wildfowler Chris Green walk the frontline of the First World War in aid of ABF The Soldiers' Charity.
🎬The best of hunting Youtube from Dave Carrie Shooting, Shoot them high Driven Duck & Pheasant Shooting UK, Louisiana Wetlands, Serval Channel, Chasse HD, mchughcb, .koksal.7 and Umlilo Safaris
🙏 With thanks to Pulsar Sauer Browning The British Shooting Show Bl**er Sporting Shooterking Europe Aimpoint AB Hadrian's Wall Gin Spartan Precision Rifles Gamebore Cartridges Thomas Jacks Limited Nils Joachim Knagenhjelm and JACK PYKE
Such a great video from a good friend and customer of ours. This is what hunting's all about! Go check out Louisiana Wetlands if you'd like to see more videos like this one.
Bocote wood is some of my favorite,the grains are so uniformed it’s amazing. Let me know if you would like a call duck season is creeping up on us. Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs Louisiana Wetlands Hogan Architectural Hardwoods
Working on something new Spalted Tamarind wood with a dark cocobolo wood cap. Louisiana Wetlands Trinity Graphx Signs & Designs
Also ecological concerns exist with HW22 levee preventing natural flows of the Amite Basin. The basin is blocked near Lake Maurepas with a 5 ft high 0.75 mile long dam (HW 22) preventing natural tidal flows in and out the basin, ecology failure with animals drowning in flood conditions and limited drainage of the basin. High flows at the river are generated and are too high for fish navigation of the small river outlet.

The CORPS has asked the public to contact Congress for providing finances of an Amite River Basin study with also stating my two concepts are well worth considering. This flood cost the US $10 billion

My communication:
CORPS response:
US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District *Interesting idea*. We recommend contacting your congressional representatives and ask them for a study into the matter.

My comment to the Corps:
A University reviewed 2 concepts listed below on Amite Basin drainage and they mentioned there would be erosion. Would this mean the concepts are dead in the water?

Two (2) solutions for flooding near Baton Rouge are scatter-select, remove and sell trees in the Lower South Amite River Basin and remove/replace man-made HW 22 flow restriction which is located on the basin's outlet thus increasing basin's flow.

1. Flood threat size is growing by the year because the South Amite River basin tree diameter is growing yearly. As tree diameter growth increase, resistance of the basin associated with trees prevents flood waters from draining quick enough. Also future years will bring more tree growth and flow resistance with frequent flooding and greater crest heights. To bring tree area back to the same as 20 years ago; select, remove and sell trees in the basin from the river's mouth to north Baton Rouge and this will reduce flood crests with greater flow moving along the 36+ mile basin. The basin flood velocity will be the same as 20 years ago with no increase in basin erosion compared to then.

This is a public flood drainage concept and tree removal should not need to meet wetlands mitigation cost. Contact your elected officials and ask them to pass a congressional waiver for wetlands mitigations of the trees needing to be removed to return to a tree diameter of 20 years.

Wetlands laws have allowed trees to grow in the Amite Basin for 20 years with increasing flooding. Velocity in the basin, during the flood, was 0.3 ft per second and basin velocity/flow will increase to the same as of 20 years earlier by removing tree growth area back to 20 years ago and this is about 6% - 9% reduction of tree area for the basin. Velocity is calculated from 12 miles crest travel from French Settlement to Maurepas which took 26 hours .

2. Flood elevation will not build at an existing 5 ft high earthen HW 22 restriction because it will be removed and replaced with a HW 22-0.5 mile long elevated open bottom highway/ spillway. This will allow flood water to flow underneath the spillway quickly releasing into Lake Maurepas.

CORPS response Facebook: