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Everyone attending the fundraiser please show the cashier a picture of the flyer or the flyer itself. Thank you!

Please come to our Sea Casa fundraiser tomorrow from 5-9 pm and help raise funds for future publications! We would appre...

Please come to our Sea Casa fundraiser tomorrow from 5-9 pm and help raise funds for future publications! We would appreciate your support and are looking forward to seeing you there!

Your Editor Team,
Jaisen Lim
Amanda Yao
Helen Shi


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Welcome Rally 2014

Welcome Rally 2014

SENIOR STANDOUTS: Remy MulowayVallia YuFeature EditorSenior Remy Muloway, star of the WHS drama class, is finally off to...


Vallia Yu
Feature Editor

Senior Remy Muloway, star of the WHS drama class, is finally off to find his own spotlight as he makes his way into the world. Known to the entire school as a phenomenal actor, he says the highlight of his three and a half years of involvement is going on stage and getting to know other people as well as “giving a good performance and entertaining people.”

Drama Department Director DeDe Burke marks him as one of the one of those actors who “gives incredible effort and energy to all his performance; he brings intensity and power to his roles.” One of the qualities he’s most proud of how he brings with him a good sense of environment. His open personality and charisma make people feel comfortable with themselves.

He certainly lives up to his own advice to “not let up in anything you want to do. If you wanna do something, go for it and give it 110%” Burke notes that “he brings the ability to make those around him great because of his giving attitude and star quality! He is a gem.”
Acting has heavily influenced what his future holds. He’ll be heading to Moorpark before transferring to another school to pick up his Bachelor of Fine Arts.

He cites both his mother “who pushed me to be what I want to be” and his love of movies as influences to his success - “but mostly my mom.” His only regret is that he wishes he could have started theater earlier, and that if he had a do over, he would be happy to go through it all again.

When asked what awards Muloway had received over the years, Burke replied with a mountain full of text. Some but not all of his achievements have included the Most Outstanding Drama Student of 2014 by his peers, most inspirational actor, Best Actor for musical and Best Supporting Actor. “He has sung, danced, played lead characters, supporting characters...and he has acted in eight main-stage plays since his Freshman year at WHS.”

Even as Muloway takes a bow and exits stage right from his high school career, he’s sure to pave the way for future aspiring actors and actresses.



Taylor Li
Staff Writer

Senior Ashley Jung has stood out as an innovative artist who excels at crafting three dimensional ceramic art. Starting in beginning ceramics Jung quickly advanced into AP Ceramics impressing her teacher Melissa Zuckerman with her “intelligent, artistic, creative, easy-going, and responsive” attitude. Her tremendous growth as an artist in her two years of ceramics indicates her “virtually boundless potential in any endeavor” she will pursue says her teacher.

Jung herself enjoys the new challenge of starting a project and frequently explores her creative side to create impressive projects. Some of her significant pieces include a puzzle piece yin-yang and an innovative abstract vase with detailed wave designs traveling up its surface.

Jung’s inspiration comes from her teacher Ms. Zuckerman who “challenges and never gives up me,” Jung says. According to Jung ceramics has not only helped her improve her artistic talents but also allow her to apply her “outside of the box” thinking to give her an edge in business (her future major).

If given the chance to redo her high school years she would still participate in ceramics as she “could not imagine not being able to participate in ceramics these past two years”.
Her advice to underclassmen debating whether or not to take ceramics is a strong yes to taking the class. She states that “everyone has some sort of creativity in themselves” and ceramics is a perfect way to express that inner trait.

Three ceramics classes are offered at Westlake; Ceramics I, II, and AP Studio Art. Not only will taking a ceramics class fulfill a high school art requirement it can also uncover hidden talents and passions as it did with Jung.

Jung is going to San Francisco State University and majoring in business but hopes to continue her ceramics passion even after high school.

SENIOR STANDOUTS: Chase RosenbergVivian HuEditor-in-ChiefThere are some people that try their hardest and never sing on ...


Vivian Hu

There are some people that try their hardest and never sing on pitch. Then there are people like Chase Rosenberg ’14, department president of WHS’s Choir program, who can’t sing badly for their lives.

Rosenberg is universally known around the school as a cheerful, funny, and bright student that everyone loves. A member of Vocal Ensemble and A Class Act since his sophomore year, he is one of the most dedicated and passionate choir students. Early in his choir years at WHS, he received solos, and he has been singing since 4th grade.

Rosenberg commented that his favorite part of choir was, “The people, the musk, the sequins;” however, not everything was fun and games. Rosenberg hosted choir talent shows, performing as the hilarious and loveable MC.

He spent two periods a day attending Vocal Ensemble and ACA, and participated every Tuesday night in Men’s Ensemble as well. He has won a plethora of awards, some of which are the Klimberely Thorne Most Spirited, Outstanding Male Performer, and Maestro Award in competition.

When asked who influenced Rosenberg most to pursue music, he replied that his parents always encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Although not performers, they supported Rosenberg in his passions and made sure he was always happy with his choices.
In the fall, Rosenberg will attend University of Southern California and study Creative Writing. He hopes to write screenplays in the future and become a well-known director.

As a final word of advice to potential choir kids, Rosenberg said, “Stick with it. The friends I have made are my closest and best friends.”

SENIOR STANDOUTS: Rachel HoweErik SteinmanFeature EditorIn a class composed entirely of aspiring student leaders, it can...


Erik Steinman
Feature Editor

In a class composed entirely of aspiring student leaders, it can be quite difficult to stand out and make an impact. Senior Rachel Howe ’13, however, effortlessly embodies the dedication, spirit, and positivity required to surpass all expectations in ASG.

As a three-year member of the Associated Student Government, Howe has mastered the ins-and-outs of student leadership and advisory.

She has played an essential role in the planning and execution of the school spirit rallies and fundraisers held throughout the year. “Rachel is a self starter. You can always count on her to get an event done and be a success,” said ASG advisor Jeniffer Modolo.
Known for her “sass and updates about One Direction”, Howe continually maintains a positive attitude while contributing towards the creation of school-wide events.

With careful planning and some creativity, Howe has helped to attract more students to participate in spirit-related activities. Her senior highlight: this year’s spirit week. “It was so fun to finally get the whole school involved!” said Howe.

In addition to her normal responsibilities as a member of ASG, Howe also holds the elected position as the Commissioner of Staff Relations. She works diligently to ensure that all staff members (teachers and supervisors alike) feel welcome and properly recognized.

This year, Howe coordinated monthly appreciation gifts and the annual staff appreciation week. “She always makes the cutest gifts and always with a smile,” said Modolo. Some of Rachel’s favorite gifts this year include monogrammed flash drives and reusable water bottles. She admits, “[they are] not super cool, but hey, the staff likes them!”

Rachel plans to attend UCLA in the fall with an undeclared major. Although she enjoys the time she spent working with active, spirited, and driven student leaders, Howe hopes to start a career as an elementary school teacher.

Before her final walk across the WHS field on graduation night, Howe adds some last minute advice for those interested in pursuing ASG: “Have fun, be confident, and be creative.”

SENIOR STANDOUTS: Vladimir Kremenetski, Alexander Loh, Rei VardiVivian HuEditor-in-ChiefYou may have heard of the first ...

SENIOR STANDOUTS: Vladimir Kremenetski, Alexander Loh, Rei Vardi

Vivian Hu

You may have heard of the first period extracurricular that about 30 students participate in. They audition, displaying speaking skills and intellectual prowess, and the admitted must read a (no exaggeration) six inch binder of information over the summer in preparation of the competition in January.

For those who have not, Academic Decathalon, or AcaDeca, is a class headed by English 10H teacher Joe Nigro that is one of the most rigorous classes on campus. Studying one specific topic for the whole year (this year being World War I), the team then competes in ten different categories in January at the county level and has a chance to compete at state in March. This year’s class has led the “three-peat,” or the third year in a row that AcaDeca has qualified for and attended State.

Seniors Vladimir Kremenetski, Alexander Loh, and Rei Vardi are some of the brightest students this year. These three students won a plethora of awards at county, and even did well at state. Kremenetski won highest overall team score at state, Loh received 1st place in Math at state, and Vardi received 1st place in Interview at state. Nigro stated, “All three were senior members of our most successful team to date.”

Although originally asked to choose one student as the standout in AcaDeca, Nigro said that all three deserved the recognition because AcaDeca was a team-based competition, and these three members were key players in the success of the team this year.

The three students are extremely hardworking. Loh has been a member for three years and Vardi has been a member for two. Even with his outstanding scores, Loh stated that his one regret from the class is that he “could have always studied a bit more” and recommends that underclassmen “Read the guide and know it like you know your pillow.” They put in countless hours of studying to complete their goal.

Loh will attend UCSD for their eight-year medical program and major in bioengineering, and Vardi will attend Boston University to study biomedical engineering. Although they had to work hard, the members will miss the club. Loh said, “I love doing AcaDeca; I do not regret the time that I spent, and I would definitely do it all over again for the learning, the competition, and the people.”


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As finals come up, students are flushed with caffeine and preparing for all-nighters. Check out these tips for better ti...
How to conquer finals | The Westlake Arrow

As finals come up, students are flushed with caffeine and preparing for all-nighters. Check out these tips for better tips on preparing for your tests.

How to conquer finalsPosted on January 13, 2014 by WHS ArrowMichelle ChoiEntertainment Editor A study by the New York Times has shown that the ambient noise of a coffee house improves creative cognition. With the use of background noise, the ability to focus and productivity increases. The average,…


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STEM speaker at CCCPosted on October 14, 2013 by WHS ArrowReplyMax WangStaff WriterJustin Yuille from the Stevens Institute will be speaking on “STEM Careers & the Outlook for Future Employment” at lunch on Friday, Oct. 17, at the College and Career Center. He is the first speaker in the Careers and...

Congratulations to Chase and Carly on Homecoming King and Queen!Love, The Arrow Staffhttp://westlakearrow.com/homecoming...
Homecoming 2013 | The Westlake Arrow

Congratulations to Chase and Carly on Homecoming King and Queen!
Love, The Arrow Staff


Homecoming 2013Posted on October 14, 2013 by WHS ArrowHALF-TIME ROYALTY: Carly Pierson and Chase Rosenberg pose as the newly-crowned Homecoming Queen and King.photo by lauren chin This entry was posted in News by WHS Arrow. Bookmark the permalink.

WHS Arrow

WHS Arrow

Hello Class of 2013!
As we begin our senior issue, we again need photo submissions from you for our photo spread! Please either message us with photos you would like to have in the Senior issue or post on our page.
Thank you,
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Hello Class of 2013!
As we begin our senior issue, we again need photo submissions from you for our photo spread! Please either message us with photos you would like to have in the Senior issue or post on our page.
Thank you,
The Arrow Staff


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Halloween Rally

Halloween Rally


For all those Reflections contestants out there, don't forget to turn in your entries by tomorrow! Good luck to all participants!

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