K9 Wildflower

K9 Wildflower WILDFLOWER. A single purpose Narcotics Detection k9 in Oklahoma. Her handler is Joe Chitwood. She is the first rescue pit bull certified as a narcotics K9 in the state of Oklahoma from the Throwaway dogs project.

Working Dog Radio

Working Dog Radio

🔵𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗬 𝟭𝟱 𝗟𝗘𝗙𝗧🔵.⁣
Yes, you read that right 𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗬 𝟭𝟱 𝗹𝗲𝗳𝘁. We offered them on Wednesday and we predict by Monday these will be 𝗔𝗟𝗟 𝗚𝗢𝗡𝗘! ⁣

To keep in tradition of giving away things from our sponsors, we are going to randomly include QuickDerm full size spray and ointment in orders. If you are a dog owner, this is a 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗧 𝗛𝗔𝗩𝗘 to have on hand. ⁣
We are still shipping. Come get one of these flags before they are GONE! ⁣

Thin Blue Line K9 Flag now LIVE on the WDR site.⁣
This flag is a tribute to those warriors working tirelessly with their four-legged partners every day, keeping streets safe, and taking down those with evil intent. The quantities are very limited, so show your support TODAY and get yours now, before they sell out!⁣

Go to Patreon to get a $5 off coupon. If you are a member of Patreon, you will be getting EXCLUSIVE discount codes. Check it out, it’s only $3 to join. Hell, you’ll be getting more than that in discounts. ⁣


To learn more about QuickDerm go to the following below. Use our discount code for 10% off!! ⁣
http://www.vetcare.us and use discount code 10WDR!! ⁣
#workingdogradio #broadcastingthebite #quickdermbyvetcare ⁣

Patriot K9 Rescue

Patriot K9 Rescue

Hope the video (gif) works. So beautiful. No words needed!

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

Meet our newest member of our pack.... ThrowAwayDogs K9 Fiero! He will be DONATED to as a Dual Purpose (Patrol/Explosive) to a Law Enforcement Department in need. Let’s give this beautiful boy a new purpose in life a “Pay it forward “! He definitely deserves a second chance. Stay tuned for more updates on his handsome fellow! #throwawaydogs #k9fiero #patrol #explosivedetection #dualpurpose #k9partner #nonprofit #makingadifference #theperfectpartner

K9 Wildflower and her partner in crime Amiya decided to play in the mud while I was busy cleaning their kennels...

K9 Wildflower and her partner in crime Amiya decided to play in the mud while I was busy cleaning their kennels...



Actual representation of how athletic I am 😂😂

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

We know that times are hard at the moment for everyone. Non-Profits are struggling also as most of the donations have stopped.
We need your help!
We have created a “Limited - one of a kind” T-shirt to help replenish funds!

Here are the details:

🐾 With every $30 Donation, you will receive One T-Shirt. If you want multiple t-shirts, just add $30 per shirt.

🐾 We NEED your size! Small/Med/Large/XLarge/XXLarge. Put in NOTES section when paying.

🐾 We NEED your shipping address so we can mail you your shirt. Put in the NOTES section when paying.

🐾 Please allow 4 weeks for delivery

Click the link IN BIO to make your donation and order your shirt:

This T-Shirt will only be available for a limited time!

#repurposed @ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

MISSING Posted @withregram • @k9ptsd MISSING K9-WE NEED YOUR HELP-REPOST ******This post deleted content per the request of the police investigation******** Last seen Woonsocket RI

The K9 PTSD center is offering a NO QUESTION ASKED reward of $2500.00 for the safe return of Creed.

Please help us bring Creed home. Hashtag and repost to everyone. If you have any information contact Detective Zinni . This is what social media is for, all of us working as a community to save the life of a beautiful, sweet, amazing dog.
Crugnale is in his late 50’s early 60’s

Detective Zinni
[email protected]

Thank you!

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

We are going to be launching something exciting on Instagram! Are you following us???
Quarantine can be boring and we want to add some excitement to your day!

Check us out on Instagram @Throwawaydogsproject and see what’s new!

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

Who remembers our FIRST placed ThrowAwayDogs K9 Trevor? This unadoptable dog was returned 3x as no one understood his personality and couldn’t handle his energy. Well ThrowAwayDogs saw his potential and matched him up with an amazing Department and Handler in Indiana. K9 Trevor worked as a single purpose Narcotic detection dog for 5 years and just recently retired due to medical issues. He is living out the rest of his life with his Handler and family on the sofa getting hugs daily. The moral of this story....... don’t give up on them. THIS IS POSSIBLE to do. It’s not easy and it’s a long process but they NEED us to be their voice! K9 Trevor beat the odds! #throwawaydogs #k9trevor #lawrenceindiana #narcoticdetectiondog #k9partner #retirement #shelterdogtoworkingdog @ Lawrence, Indiana

Capital K-9 Association

Capital K-9 Association

What an amazing time today at K-9 Wildflowers presentation (donated to) Chief of Police/K-9 Handler Joe Chitwood of Wetumka Police Department, Oklahoma. So proud of the work our partners #Throwawaydogs have done! 💙 Were honored to be able to help provide Wildflower a #acek9 #hotnpop!!! #k9wildflower #TAD #ck9a #pitbull #rescuedog #narcdog #policek9 🐾💙🚔 #gotk9



Officer Wildflower is out to bust criminals and breed stereotypes!

K9 Wildflower

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

Let’s continue to color in this map! Contact your local K9 Units and tell them about our project! All of our K9 are DONATED at NO COST to Police Departments in need. Please visit our website to download our application.

#indogwetrust #throwawaydogs #nonprofit #givingback #k9 #misunderstood #repurposed #didyouknow #familyinblue

Worthless Handler

Worthless Handler

#medicalmonday with @denmother_k9

I recently gave away a @triadmedical Canine - Individual First Aid Kit (C-IFAK) that I was sent for review.

@triadmedical messaged me for some feedback when he first started putting these kits together and it’s a great starting point for K9 handlers and outdoor dog enthusiasts alike.

It has everything I pack my C-IFAK kits with. It’s missing a few things I include for airway management and tension pneumo/hemothorax but without proper training, it may be best omitted for sale online.

$229 is a pretty good price point for everything that’s included. Buying the components individually wouldn’t save you much cash, including the @specialforcesmedics K9 guide (version 2.0 featuring input from yours truly) and the pouch.

Overall I’d recommend this C-IFAK. Less is more. Triad Medical also has two smaller versions of a C-IFAK, the belt and micro that are worth checking out depending upon what kinda hood rat stuff you and your dog are getting in to.


Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

Fundraiser for Police Week!!
Please consider helping us!

Throw Away Dogs Team has created a fundraiser to help us attend as a Vendor for Police Week 2020 in Washington DC May 13-16.

Police Week brings TENS OF THOUSANDS of Law Enforcement Officers and Departments from around the world all in one location.

While attending this event, it will give our Organization the opportunity to fundraise and sell our merchandise, but MOST IMPORTANLY, it will give us contact with all of these visiting Departments. It will allow us to communicate with them and let them know what our Organization has to offer. We will hand out fliers as well as our applications for our K9 Dogs. One of the biggest hurdles we have, is finding Departments to take our Police Dogs.

Our Fundraising goal is $3,000

Please note your Donation is Tax-Deductible!

Thank you for considering helping us get to this event. The more applications that come in from Departments, the more dogs we can save!

ThrowAwayDogs Team

Torch Light K9

Torch Light K9

Proverbs 12:10:⁣
“The righteous care for the needs of their animals.”⁣

K9 Titan EOW 2/29/2020 Medical Reasons⁣

Please join us in sending condolences to Mayes County Sheriff’s Office, and to Officer Ray, for the loss of one of our own Torch Light trained K9’s, K9 Titan.⁣

When Ray became Titan’s handler, he made sure to utilize him to his fullest potential, and they made one unstoppable team on the beat! Ray’s goal was to be one of the best teams out there, and they put in tireless hours to make it happen. They have been together just under 2 years, and we have watched them grow into an amazing team, and best of buddies. Titan has surely left his mark on us forever. ⁣
Until we meet again. Rest easy, we’ve got it from here.


Don’t really know when Wildflower was born but I believe she’s roughly 4 years old. I’ve always shared my birthday with her on March 1st

Project K-9 Hero

Project K-9 Hero

🐾Did you know there's NO public funding for retired police and military working dogs!?!

🐶At Project K-9 Hero we honor their service and help cover medical costs, food and end-of-duty services for these heroes.

Shop & Help A Hero Today!👇
---> https://projectk9hero.myshopify.com/

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "This non-profit does amazing work! I work in veterinary oncology and get the chance to witness their work first hand." - Tiffany

Rawtin Garage

Rawtin Garage

Hondo’s casket 💔 🐕
What an honor it was to paint a hero’s casket.

The passing of Herriman Police K9 HONDO, who was killed in the line of duty while assisting the U.S Marshal’s Office in apprehending a dangerous fugitive


Special Thanks to my amazing team!


Thank you to the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association for donating much needed gear and equipment to help Wildflowers handler and department stay safe and better serve the Cominity of Calvin.

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project gives misunderstood dogs a new purpose in life! K9 Hansel was seized from alleged dog fighting ring in Canada now has a new life and title!
First EVER Certified Arson Detection Pitbull In United States!

Spike's K9 Fund
Petco Foundation
Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary
Dogs Playing for Life


The inseparable bond between K9s and their handlers
The inseparable bond between K9s and their handlers

The inseparable bond between K9s and their handlers

They are considered major assets to the departments they serve, given their abilities with area searches, narcotics detection, criminal apprehension and manhunting

Throw Away Dogs Project

Throw Away Dogs Project

Retired American Flag Stars ⭐️ now featured on Throwawaydogs Leashes!

Thank you to Beth Masiado of Stars for our Heroes for joining forces with Throw Away Dogs Project and helping our mission move forward!

“I was once part of our American flag. I flew proudly over a home in the USA until the sun faded my colors of the wind caused my edges to tear. “
Please use this leash as a reminder.....

ThrowAwayDogs mission is to give misunderstood dogs a second chance and to “repurpose”.

Our Organization was contacted by an amazing woman whose mission was somewhat similar. She repurposes “Retired American Flags” so they can continue to be honored and respected.
Beth from Stars for our Heroes lovingly cuts out each and every star from retired American Flags and ensures every star is given a “new purpose”, JUST LIKE OUR DOGS!

THIS seemed like a no brainer for us to use these stars on our new leashes.
Repurposed American Flag 🇺🇸 stars being used on leashes for repurposed dogs needing “second chances” 🐶.

Remember Rescue dogs aren’t BROKEN, they are just misunderstood!

100% of the sales of our new leashes goes directly back into our Organization so we can continue our mission. We are trying to come up with meaningful new ways to fundraise that has an important meaning.

Each leash will be one of a kind as it will be personalized just for you and each leash will have 2 special retired American Flag stars on them.

🐾 BLACK 6 foot leash will include:
embroidered “Thin Blue Line” Flag personalization of choice
2 repurposed American Flag Stars

🐾 OD GREEN 6 foot leash will include: personalization of choice
2 repurposed American Flag Stars

🐾 RED Fire Dog 6 Foot leash will include:
Personalization of your choice
2 repurposed American Flag Stars

🐾 THIN BLUE LINE PATTERN 6 foot leash will include:
Personalization of your choice
2 repurposed American Flag Stars

$50 donation

-Please specify WHICH LEASH you want:
- Correct spelling of name to be embroidered.
-Shipping Address
-Email and phone number

Click below to place order:
Thank you to Longstroke Leads in helping us design these amazing leashes! Thank you for believing in our mission and coming along on our journey with us!


Working Dog Radio

Working Dog Radio

#TeethOutTuesday is that a thing? If not, we are making it one.
How often do you check your dog’s teeth, and what are you using to clean them?
In “Episode 84: Oral Health Care”, we hosted Elite Science, Olivier Morin, and Canine Oral Specialist, James Anthony on the WDR podcast to talk all things K9 dental. Eric VanEss K9 Ted @ted_summers discussed what to look for when screening K9 candidates, what are some of the main causes of dental issues, and how to prevent them. We give you the dirt on what toys are good for your best friends, and which ones are REALLY bad for your K9 partner... And why tennis balls are the WORST. We delve into root canals, canine caps, and even get into supplements.
To Buy 1-TDC using our Discount Code “WORKINGDOGRADIO”, head over to Ray Allen K9 Gear https://www.rayallen.com/1-tdc-canine-periodontal-joint
To Learn More: www.1tdc.com
AND OF COURSE, thank you to our amazing partners:

HITS K9 Training and Conference 👊
☎️Jeff Barrett at 863-529-5113

@rayallenk9 Manufacturing 👌
‼️Discount code “WORKINGDOGRADIO” for 10% off of your next order

Southern Coast K9 ☀️

Dogtra 🐾
‼️Discount code “WDR10” for 10% off of a single item over $200

Horizon Structures 🏠

QuickDerm ⛑
‼️Discount code “10WDR” for 10% off of your first order

Georgia Police K9 Foundation 🚔

Tactical Police K9 Training 🚓

ALM Suits & K9 Equipment 😈
‼️Discount code “WDRADIO” for 10% off of your first order

Tripwire Operations Group 💥

Music with permission by @Brotherdedge 🎶
💻www.brotherdege.net, on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or anywhere you stream digital media
Edited and co-produced by Alesha Brandt 🤘
Visit us on our other sites:

#canineoralhealth #k9teeth #workingdogradio #broadcastingthebite #dogteeth

Back the Blue K-9  Force
Back the Blue K-9 Force

Back the Blue K-9 Force

Saginaw, Michigan Police Officers were called to a home for a domestic disturbance and possible hostage situation. While officers were securing the scene, the suspect repeatedly stabbed Saginaw’s police dog K-9 Deebo in the head.
K-9 Deebo is recovering and is expected to return to duty after some well-deserved healing time. He has been with the Department between 3-4 years and tracks narcotics. He is five-years-old.


Working Dog Radio

Working Dog Radio

EOW, K9 Ronin, rest easy. Our most sincere condolences to our dear friend, Officer Todd @warriorlab. It’s never easy saying goodbye to your best friend and partner; we are thinking of you & our hearts go out to you during this difficult time.

Working Dog Radio

Working Dog Radio

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY WDR! On this day two years ago, @vanessk9 @ted_summers and Alesha came together on our very FIRST episode! Thank you to my partners who have worked their asses off, sleepless nights, interviews after working full-time as trainers and most importantly- a HUGE THANK YOU to our listeners, sponsors and patrons!! You guys and gals are WHY we do what we do and we could not do it without you!!! #workingdogradio #broadcastingthebite #birthday #k9 #podcasting #podcastlife


2630 N 384rd
Wetumka, OK


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Love the pups
Thank you
Happy Thanksgiving to all
A little funny for ur Monday😁
Love the pictures
You are a beautiful young lady. Miss K9 Wildflower you and your partner have a safe and blessed day.
Hello beautiful!!
Love this beautiful hard working girl thank you for all you do
I’m so happy to see people are starting to help these dogs out of the terrible conditions they have been living under. They were once known as the “Nanny” dog years ago. Way to go K9Wildflower for helping law enforcement catch these drug dealers.
Woohoo way to go officer wildflower !!! ❤️❤️❤️ May you and your partner have many safe years together!!!