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Our nurses of the day.
Nurses Month: Alicia Kotz | Times Leader

Our nurses of the day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that that our everyday lives are filled with heroes, including those healthcare workers that are currently on the front lines of this pandemic.

Times Leader Media Group Outreach 2020 Grant ProgramThese unprecedented times call for all of us to stand together to he...

Times Leader Media Group Outreach 2020 Grant Program

These unprecedented times call for all of us to stand together to help locally owned businesses as they wonder when they will be allowed to reopen and reconnect with their customers.
To aid in that comeback, the Times Leader Media Group will match up to $100,000 in advertising for businesses that purchase ads in Times Leader products. It is our hope these dollars for dollar grants will help ease the burden for businesses through this crisis.
We are standing with you.


Lookback: Riot on Public Square in 1916 | Times Leader
Lookback: Riot on Public Square in 1916 | Times Leader

Lookback: Riot on Public Square in 1916 | Times Leader

A long-threatened strike of employees of the Wilkes-Barre Railway Company began in October 1915 when 350 street car men walked off the job refusing to accept an increase of $.2 cents per hour.

Kingston-Forty Fort trail connection plan advancing | Times Leader
Kingston-Forty Fort trail connection plan advancing | Times Leader

Kingston-Forty Fort trail connection plan advancing | Times Leader

Plans are advancing for the first section of a larger pedestrian and bike trail that would fill a gap between the Kingston and Forty Fort reaches of the Wyoming Valley Levee along the Susquehanna…

You may have seen some unfortunate comments on our story this week about the death of Dr. Lorna Breen. Here is how we fe...
Our View: This is a time for compassion, not cruelty | Times Leader

You may have seen some unfortunate comments on our story this week about the death of Dr. Lorna Breen. Here is how we feel about such remarks.

The depths to which some people will stoop to hurt others, even in this time of shared misery, never cease to amaze.

Wolf announces 24 counties will reopen on May 8 | Times Leader
Wolf announces 24 counties will reopen on May 8 | Times Leader

Wolf announces 24 counties will reopen on May 8 | Times Leader

Governor Tom Wolf today announced the reopening of 24 counties in the northwest and north-central regions of the state, moving them from red to yellow beginning at 12:01 a.m., Friday, May 8.

They say it's Nurses Week next week. We say they deserve a whole month this year. We will honor a new nurse each day in ...
Nurses Month: Kayla Galdieri | Times Leader

They say it's Nurses Week next week. We say they deserve a whole month this year. We will honor a new nurse each day in May. Here's our first honoree – Kayla Galdieri. Congratulations, Kayla.

The heroes among us today don’t wear capes, but scrubs and face masks. Kayla Galdieri is among those who belong on the hero pedestal. Galdieri is a nurse at Geisinger Wyoming Valley in the Progressive…


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Try to get to a editor for a complaint. Tl doesn't want u to get through.
Love this paper. The only thing they can't do is deliver paper to customers. They are terrible at this and lose money weekly in credits for people that got no delivery. And now no redelivery
How about honoring our correctional officers it is THEIR week. You know those men and women behind those walls who are ALSO law enforcement. We have loved ones we are proud of too.
I have had nothing but trouble with my Times Leader e edition this week....unable to access online. When I call their office, the person there says they have no IT Dept. and nobody to help. She said she would send a message to management....right? Never heard from anybody. I started with the edition because the paper delivery was so irregular...could never count on getting paper. I thought the online edition would be a good idea but now find that they can not even get this right. Very disgusted with the level of service . I obviously will not be renewing .
Gov wolfe ordered flags to half mast. Why am I seeing many that are not at half mast?
Will the paper resume print copy of the paper 7 days a week when the pandemic crisis is over?
To Our Dear and Valued Friends and Patrons of Damenti’s: We will remain open during this crisis. With the support of our community, working together, understanding, helping one another, and compassion. The entire staff at Damenti’s is following all guidelines and recommendations of the CDC. All Meals can now be prepared Hot and ready to go. Curbside pick-up is available.Please call ahead between noon and 6 with your order call again when you arrive, and you’ll be met curbside at your vehicle. Pick up hours are between 4-7pm. We are also offering an option to purchase gift certificates to share a meal with your loved ones. Each $100 gift certificate purchased will be credited for $120. A gift of food is always appreciated. Give us a call and place your gift card order over the phone. We will mail them for you if desired. Pick up orders over $100.00 will receive a free meal of your choice. Helen’s Famous Pretzels and Green Leaves included in all orders. Special Request Welcome. Call 570-861-8141 and let us customize food for your family. We wish you all Good Health and Good Luck. We’ll get through this together!! Thank you, Helen and Kevin And the Entire Staff at Damenti’s
I can watch pornhub all day long! But if I want to read a local new story I have to buy a subscription! The Times and Tribune is useless!
Update 4/22/2020: Gertrude Hawk Chocolates appears to be putting significant resources into a highly interactive, very public campaign, reaching out to customers who have contacted them on Facebook. This is a stark pivot from their customer engagement practices from just days ago which appeared to be superficial and ineffective. Although reactive, this is a landmark demonstration that Gertrude Hawk appears willing and able to respond to the challenges and growing pains of their nationally recognized brand’s success. Update 4/21/2020: Gertrude Hawk processed my refund, I received an invoice in an email dated for today. I imagine this is not the standard practice, and my intention was not solely for my refund. There are others who have not and may not see their refunds or fulfillments. I hope that this situation qualifies for additional attention to ensure people are refunded in this difficult financial time. Original Post: I and several other people from all over the Northeast (PA, NJ, NY from what I’ve seen so far, though I know they’ve shipped to New England as well) have taken to Facebook to ask Dunmore based Gertrude Hawk Chocolates “what happened to our Easter Candy orders?” Pittston Area Riverside Wyoming Valley West They’re all among the local school districts which are seeing hundreds if not thousands of dollars of missing products from their orders, if their orders were fulfilled at all. Gertrude Hawk has had spotty response from individual employees and through their Facebook Messenger profile. Yet every time, they ask for more information, and do not respond any further. Digging through their Facebook comments will provide many leads, in addition to just a search of their tags. I also have 18 screenshots I’d be happy to provide. I know second hand that they were tying up truck drivers for hours at a time for partial loads before they closed their doors until April 27th. My opinion is that they are stealing from people who believed they were participating in a fundraiser for their children’s schools.
Facts, Accountability and Reflections: While it is crucial that we all come together in this fight, we cannot merely move on without learning our history or we will continue to make the same mistakes. As Ronald Reagan said, “It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” On February 25th, during his visit to India Donald Trump promised that a vaccine would be available soon. “Now they have it, they have studied it, they know very much, in fact, we’re very close to a vaccine,” On February 28th Trump said at a press conference that the coronavirus will “disappear” like a “miracle”. Also in February, he speculated that warm weather would kill the virus and stop its spread. On March 4th Trump told Fox viewers that based on a hunch the death rate was a “fraction of 1 percent”. During that March 4th call with Sean Hannity, Trump also compared coronavirus with the flu. He mentioned that the flu kills anywhere between 27,000 and 77,000 people every year, implying that coronavirus isn’t as serious of a threat to public health as Influenza. He also calls Covid-19 "corona flu". He suggested it was fine for people with Coronavirus to go to work, in sharp contrast to experts. He compared coronavirus to "the regular flu," not realizing they are quite different. On March 7th Trump said that anyone who wants a test for Covid-19 could get one. Many Americans including doctors and patients have proven this was definitely not the case. On March 10th he told reporters on Capitol Hill that Coronavirus “will go away”, not implying months or years from now. Also on March 10th he said, "No, I think the U.S. has done a very good job on testing. We had to change things that were done, that were nobody's fault. Perhaps they wanted to do something a different way, but it was a much slower process from a previous administration. And we did change them. We made the changes. But the testing has gone very well. And when people need a test, they can get a test.” (was still a proven lie). On March 15th apparently he hadn’t learned by his previous misinformation and that day Trump again contradicted Anthony Fauci's and local health officials’ warnings throughout the U.S., at a White House briefing claiming: “It's a very contagious virus, it's incredible, but it's something we have tremendous control of.” So I’m really confused. The GOP in the past has prided itself on holding people personally accountable for their words and actions. Fans say they love that Trump speaks his mind but these quotes are his exact words above and they have been highly inaccurate, thus risking American lives.
This needs to be know.. CVS in Exeter borough.. Let my medication be stollen TWICE, in the past two weeks by a women named Jennifer Coolbaugh-Skursky.. I have had over 400$ worth of medicine stollen from me and nothing is being done.. Exeter police have yet to arrest this women and this women is just completely getting away with what she did.. Not only that.. I had to get diapers for my daughter while I was there and they would not let me.. They were closing soon and said I can't, the registers were closed.. No they were not at all.. They were still checking out 5 other ppl.. So not only did my medication get stollen and the pharmacist gave my medication to a random crazy person.. I couldn't even get diapers for my child and was basically being treated like I DID something wrong, when I didn't.. This needs to be known and ppl you need to watch, cuze if someone knows your birthday, they will just hand your pills out to anyone.. They DO NOT CARE! I am NOT letting this go! Something NEEDS to be done!!!!! 💯
What do I have to do to get a return ph. call from you? I HAVE LEFT SEVERAL. I have been trying to get a REFUND fr. a prior subscription as I moved. All I get is the run around!!!! Why is your customer service so poor? Maybe I should report your company to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. RSVP.