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Family Values ❤️Captured by: @spyonspeezy “Meet Kiara, Kairo, and Wrenny. I had the pleasure of photographing them on a ...

Family Values ❤️
Captured by: @spyonspeezy

“Meet Kiara, Kairo, and Wrenny. I had the pleasure of photographing them on a sunny afternoon in Washington Heights. I wanted to celebrate motherhood and fatherhood. I believe it’s important to value parents both mother and father who work hard and do all they can to raise children. It’s not easy.”

Happy Mother’s Day 🌞❤️

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Coming in HOT @spacekittylex captured by @nomadic_madam 🌞Hair by: @hairartistkelsey  Makeup by: @scatteredallure Dress: ...

Coming in HOT @spacekittylex captured by @nomadic_madam 🌞

Hair by: @hairartistkelsey

Makeup by: @scatteredallure

Dress: @flamingovintagedetroit

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Captured by @eichenbaums for @primadonnazine 💗💥🌐Models: @willow.adler_ @kwekuandohh Stylist: @styledbypilar Makeup: @gil...

Captured by @eichenbaums for @primadonnazine 💗💥🌐

Models: @willow.adler_ @kwekuandohh
Stylist: @styledbypilar
Makeup: @gillyboo_t
Photo editor @kervsjpegs

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“Quiet the chaos” 🦢Captured by: @alexseyreyes Poya in @moniquelhuillier Styled by: @inhaleexhale_peaceAssisted by: @_ang...

“Quiet the chaos” 🦢

Captured by: @alexseyreyes
Poya in @moniquelhuillier
Styled by: @inhaleexhale_peace
Assisted by: @_angielaa, @letleibelei,
Model: @ps.yourstruly
Mua: @_jenkxxs_
Studio Space: @sanmanstudios

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Inventing the world 🔭💫By @fujijada for @astray_project #collage #photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday #photog...

Inventing the world 🔭💫

By @fujijada for @astray_project

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By @ciaramisst for @54ultra’s EP 🌟Cover art: @nicknestico_ #photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday #photography...

By @ciaramisst for @54ultra’s EP 🌟

Cover art: @nicknestico_

#photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday #photographylovers #photographersofinstagram #create #creativity #creativephotography #creator #creators #creatorsofinstagram #adolescentcontent

Rolling into summer 🤩🛼captured by: @jobabbcreates Featuring: @wee_lamb #photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday ...

Rolling into summer 🤩🛼

captured by: @jobabbcreates

Featuring: @wee_lamb

#photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday #photographylovers #photographersofinstagram #create #creativity #creativephotography #creator #creators #creatorsofinstagram #adolescentcontent


Happy happy Earth Day! Our graphic designer @laurenyiudesigns and motion graphics editor @bykylamarie put together a 1-hour countdown with the hope you'll spend this hour going outside and creating!
Enjoy the sun, have a painting party in the park with your friends and document you and your friends appreciating our Earth.
We'd love to see what you create during this time! Tag us in your creations using our @ or #adolescentcontent and we may just repost your work!

Memories 💭💭By: @oliviabiz #photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday #photographylovers #photographersofinstagram ...

Memories 💭💭

By: @oliviabiz

#photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday #photographylovers #photographersofinstagram #create #creativity #creativephotography #creator #creators #creatorsofinstagram #adolescentcontent


Join us tomorrow with host Sydney N. Sweeney @syderature and guest Doris Anahi Muñoz @mijadoris for our next installment of Creatively Conscious! This show is happening at 9:30 AM PST on our Instagram live!

If you don’t know who Doris Anahi Muñoz is, then let us introduce you to her 😎 She’s a an LA based music manager whose managed artists such as Cuco, @cucopuffs and La Doña, @ladona415. She founded a non-profit: Solidarity for Sanctuary @forsanctuary whose mission is to amplify immagrant communities voices through art, advocacy and music.

With her knowledge of music and the help of producer and artist Camilo Lara, Doris recently put out her first single “Que Sufras” (check it out on Spotify!) Doris was recently featured in Isabel Castro’s debut feature “Mija”. Doris shows audiences an inside look into her life as the only American citizen between her mixed status family. Doris has broken down traditional expectations and forged her own path. Her voice is heard in her music, in her work and now preserved in “Mija”. We can’t wait for you to join us and Doris. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

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@emilyodesser’s latest article is up on “Pleasure is a birthright”: doula Ev’Yan Whitney talks sensuality. @evyan.whitney spoke with Adolescent and Em about their new book, connecting with yourself, their experience being a doula, and more.

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In the weeds 🌸 captured by: @saramantich 🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸🌿🌸MUA: @becomingeden Hair/modeling: @kitty.irl Styling: @porcelaindeva#pho...

In the weeds 🌸 captured by: @saramantich


MUA: @becomingeden
Hair/modeling: @kitty.irl
Styling: @porcelaindeva

#photography #photographer #photo #photooftheday #photographylovers #photographersofinstagram #create #creativity #creativephotography #creator #creators #creatorsofinstagram #adolescentcontent

When the sun hits 🌞 Captured by: @erin_flame Model: @mikaijohnsonharris Assistant: @joseph_patrick_kelly #AdolescentCont...

When the sun hits 🌞

Captured by: @erin_flame

Model: @mikaijohnsonharris

Assistant: @joseph_patrick_kelly

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#WomensHistoryMonth Creator Feature: Multidisciplinary creative due ARTM, aka Raven Irabor @ravencherisse, and Sira Lewis @siramuseum, shared their powerful short film “Red Flower” 🌹

“Red Flower, is a lyrical film that explores the question “who controls black expression?” This almost fly-on-the-wall documentary style approach, creates an experience where the audience is able to feel as though they’re getting a sneak peak of a beautiful community in their natural habitat. The people of this world celebrate themselves, life and their expression through dance. Mirroring reality, dance brings the community together. With respects to the visual influences of Lemonade and Solange’s unique style Red Flower reminds us to reclaim our divine inner fire.

ARTM (Raven Irabor and Marissa “SIRA” Lewis) is a multidisciplinary creative duo based between New York City and Los Angeles. Their work is informed by their passion for culture, art, fashion, and Pan Africanism. Often using elements of music and costume to hone in on the mood; stories; and characters in their visuals, ARTM’s stylized films and other visual projects continues to engage, inspire, and create dialogue amongst an audience of Black creatives + brands who are bringing Hollywood to the museum and the runway to the studio.”

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“I Eat A Lot of Vegetables” 🥦 via: @shotsbymoni Support, follow, and hire Moni for your next favorite portraits 🤩#WomenP...

“I Eat A Lot of Vegetables” 🥦 via: @shotsbymoni

Support, follow, and hire Moni for your next favorite portraits 🤩

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#WomensHistoryMonth Creator Feature: Jamie Pearl, AKA @jamiepixx shared these images she took in Sepetmber in honor of H...

#WomensHistoryMonth Creator Feature: Jamie Pearl, AKA @jamiepixx shared these images she took in Sepetmber in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month ❤

“Jamie Pearl is a photographer based in New York City and Seattle. A recent graduate of the University of Washington Photomedia and Communication programs, she focuses mostly on portraiture, whether that be in the realm of editorial and beauty photography or travel and documentary photography. As of late, Jamie has been exploring themes of identity, beauty, and perspective in her photographs. She is excited by any opportunity to create an image and present the subject in the most raw, authentic way possible, be it through a black and white film portrait or a digital flash snapshot. Depending on the context and type of photography, this means honing in on an individual's inimitable, unique features, or framing a space in a way that best represents the way it makes visitors feel. Jamie is inspired by her friends and family, the incredible places she has had the privilege of traveling to, and anything bright and colorful.”

Follow, support, and hire Jamie for your next portraits 🌟

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David Charles Rodrigues, director of Gay Chorus Deep South and Creative Director for AirBnb, Apple, Impossible Foods, an...

David Charles Rodrigues, director of Gay Chorus Deep South and Creative Director for AirBnb, Apple, Impossible Foods, and Google photos will be coming to speak to Adolescent on Friday April 1, 2022!

Sign up for our free Storyteller membership via the link in our bio to gain access to this talk 🌟

You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to ask questions about working in the Ad, TV and entertainment industry, filmmaking, and what it’s like to work with prestigious brands. 👀

David Charles Rodrigues is a half Greek-American/half Brazilian filmmaker known for Netflix latest global hit Neymar: The Perfect Chaos (EP’d by Lebron James and Spring Hill) about the highest paid and one of the most controversial athletes of our current times - it was in the Top 10 in over 50 countries with over 70 million viewers in the first 28 days. In 2019, David debuted his first feature Gay Chorus Deep South, winner of the Tribeca Audience Award for best documentary, acquired by MTV Films and Paramount Plus as their first Oscar contender that year and selected by Rotten Tomatoes on their list of the 20 best LGBTQ films of all time.

His two next projects are a feature doc about social media addiction featuring pop stars Troye Sivan and Selena Gomez, via JigSaw Films and a sports doc about the Golden State Warriors dynasty with Mandalay Films (The Last Dance) and Slam Magazine’s new content division.

Although his most recent success is in documentaries; David was originally a graphic novelist and screenplay writer. In 2018, he sold BOO, a YA series to Youtube Originals, based on the artwork of renowned Disney creator Gary Baseman and developed with Stacey Sher (Pulp Fiction, Erin Brokovich and Mrs America), Coco Francini (Dirty Films) and Vincent Landay (Adaptation, Where the Wild Things Are and Her).

Rodrigues’ films and commercials have garnered over 1 billion views online and were featured at MOCA Los Angeles, MOCA Tei Pei, Skirball Cultural Center, The Art Directors Club, Cannes Lions, Clios and Art Basel Miami. 🤩

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#WomensHistoryMonth Creator Feature: Tina Tona, @teenatona, shared these multi-media collages in celebration of Black fe...

#WomensHistoryMonth Creator Feature: Tina Tona, @teenatona, shared these multi-media collages in celebration of Black femininity. 💡

“My name is Tina Tona and I am a 21-year-old Rwandese and Ugandan multidisciplinary artist based in LA and the DMV.

The art I make centers accessibility and the Black experience. I started making collages when I was 14 because I didn’t have the resources to explore other mediums, but still had an intense desire to create. Therefore, I used the magazines, scissors, and gluesticks I had around me. As time passed, I fell in love with the repurposing of images, especially images of Black people. I eventually fell in love with putting Black people in worlds that go beyond the bleak reality we exist. There is no central “Black aesthetic” and I use my art to explore the multifaceted richness of what that term means to me. I also explore themes such as gender, joy, self-actualization, and mental health.

These pieces were made in celebration of Black femininity and expression. I made multiple references to Black women throughout music and film history because I felt as though my exposure to Black art was initially through those mediums, especially since they were the most accessible. As I was working on all of these, I realized what I wanted to emphasize the most was expression. Making them as colorful and celebratory as I could was my priority. Growing up around Black women, it hurts to see how we’ve been robbed of multidimensionality. I try my best to use my art as a way to heal myself of that experience, as a way to show the world how I see the Black women in my life. In addition, the women I’ve made collages about are generally huge inspirations to me and I’ve used their cultural contributions as a guide to navigation a predominantly white industry as a Black artist. I used a variety of materials to create all these, including old magazines, yarn, and construction paper.”

Follow, support, and hire Tina for your next collage/ freelance illustrator commission 🌟

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Delaney George of @Laneslense is joining us on our live tomorrow at 12:30 PM PST for a new installment of Creatively Conscious, hosted by creative strategist @syderature 💡

From New Orleans Delaney is a photographer, director, and visual artist. Her work focuses on themes of nostalgia, femininity, vibrance, and glamour. “Vintage/'Golden age' themes are used in each photoshoot to create timeless visuals that evoke a sense of inclusion and re-imagination. Creating images that are both a contemporary ode to the past AND a safe space to display modern figures in spaces they aren't commonly represented or historically welcomed” 🌟

Delaney’s work has been standing out to us and featured here a few times, we’re thrilled to learn more about her creative knowledge and endeavors. Be sure to tune into our live tomorrow at 12:30 PM PST. If you can’t make it, the full episode will be available on our IGTV. ❤️

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#WomensHistoryMonth Creator Feature 🌟Bianca Brandão, aka @bibianquissima known for capturing subjects' inner strength,  ...

#WomensHistoryMonth Creator Feature 🌟

Bianca Brandão, aka @bibianquissima known for capturing subjects' inner strength, shares portraits of Layse, a musician from her hometown in Brazil.

“My name is Bianca Brandão, I am 23 years old and I'm a photographer from Belém, Brazil.

My photographic journey began when I was only 12 and got my first 35mm film camera
online. I started building a collection and would take one of my film cameras with me

Taking photos became my favorite hobby and then my biggest passion, as I studied and tried to learn and experiment as much as I could. This passion kept growing through my high school and college years, I studied Journalism at University and later
decided to pursue a career as a photographer.

I shoot mostly portraits of young people from my hometown, especially girls, and through my work I want to convey the experience of growing up from my perspective of a person who has lived their entire life in the north of Brazil and in the Amazon. This led me to the development of my Coming Of Age project, a collection of photographs of people betweenthe ages of 18 and 25 who shared with me their personal experiences of growing up and finding themselves in the world.

Visually, I like to work with bright colors, with both natural and artificial light and outdoors and indoors locations.

Besides my work with portraiture, I am interested in fashion, editorial and advertisement photography. I also shoot film regularly and like to capture moments of my everyday life,
places I visit or things I see in the city and portraits of my friends.”

Follow, support, and hire Bianca for your next portraits 💫

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En Getty Images siempre estamos a la búsqueda de nuevos talentos con los que trabajar, especialmente si cuentan historias visuales necesarias. Por eso nos asociamos con Adolescent para crear una colección que retrata y representa el poder creativo de la Generación Z, involucrando a los jóvenes creadores, artistas y fotógrafos con los temas que sabemos que son interesantes para los miembros de esta generación: la belleza, el amor, la tecnología y el activismo. Descubre todo sobre nuestra colección Adolescent Content y el mejor contenido de y creado por la Generación Z aquí: #GettyImages #GettyImagesLatam #GettyImagesCreative #CreativeInsightsbyGettyImages #Tendencias #Frescura #GeneraciónZ #Jóvenes #Contenido #Creativo #Creatividad #Visual #Artistas #Fotografía #AdolescentContent #Postmillennial
The Global Resilience Fund for community organisations and informal groups run by girls, young women, trans and intersex young people with incomes of less than US$50 000 has been launched. Apply now! Canon Collins Canon Collins Trust Triangle Project Gender Dynamix Gender Equity Unit Agenda Feminist Media [] Shayisfuba Shukumisa R**e Crisis Cape Town Trust MOSAIC: Support Heal Train Saartjie Baartman Centre Freegender Gender Links South Africa Gender Links Gender Links Moçambique Adolescent SAY-F (South African Young Feminist Activists) Young African Women Initiatives Young African Leaders Initiative Network Girls Not Brides Global Community S*xual Violence Research Initiative S*x Rights Africa Network Asia Pacific Alliance for S*xual and Reproductive Health and Rights AWID Global Fund for Women Mama Cash
#WeAreDPSG DPSGites were given a short demonstration on the basics of #firstaid. We also learned the importance of good nutrition and how to maintain hygiene during the #adolescentperiod. The sessions were conducted in small groups with one to one interaction with the School Nurse,Ms Pramodini. Here's a sneak-peek of the first aid session! :-) #firstaidsession #hygiene #schoolnurse #nurse Adolescent
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My price gon' up 📈. I'm officially a signed photographer to Adolescent agency!
I was interviewed by Adolescent Content for Final Piece! Check it out!
Delighted to announce Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow Sponsors Scout Film Festival Emerging Storytellers Grant in support of filmmakers worldwide aged 18 and under and 19 to 24! Grateful! Deadline Hollywood #exclusive Deadline to submit to the Emerging Storytellers Grant is November 16, links and information can be found in story below or on the Scout Film Festival website. #supportyoungartists #colintrevorrow, Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni, One Drop of Love, Izabella Tzenkova, Olivia Rodrigo, Wise Entertainment, Kate Bubacz, Sara Shepard, Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center, Spruce Life, Adolescent, Two Trees Management Co., Film Festival Alliance, Rule Boston Camera, Conductor Productions, Sicily Publicity, Katie Elmore Mota, Kris Meyer
Happy one year anniversary to this self love proclamation. The scrutiny about bodies on this planet is never ending but self love and self acceptance is everything. I got to see comments from people saying things like “she needs to go to the gym and the dentist” and “eat a salad” and here I am being strong because I know I do all of those things on my terms and I’m ok with me. The self love and self acceptance goes on. So yeah happy one year anniversary. Keep spreading the positivity. Video directed and edited for Adolescent Content by Ericka Clevenger!
We are SO excited to announce that HBO is sponsoring Cinema Ed Films to present a panel at the Austin Film Festival on October 27th!! We will moderate a group of industry panelists to explore gender and racial inclusivity in the film and tv industry. Despite all the talk, progress has been slow. Our solution: empower young filmmakers! Even if you can't come to Austin, please take a look at our goals and share our info about "The Path to Inclusivity: Empowering Young Filmmakers." Raamla Mohamed, writer/supervising producer of Scandal (and currently writing a pilot for HBO with Issa Rae), will join writer/director Ramaa Mosely, who is Executive Director for Adolescent Content (Adolescent). In addition we will have the high school filmmaker and star of Astronaut StarBright, a documentary about empowering young women of color to pursue STEM careers. Thank you all for your support! #indiefilm #education
We are thrilled to have Adolescent's Hope Farley, Ramaa Mosley & Exquisite Eye's Breyona Holt talking about Gen Z storytellers on October 3rd.