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Has anyone seen the HBO movie “Too Big to Fail”? It offers an interesting depiction of the country’s recent financial meltdown. This is a good movie that provides insight to the factors that led up to the "BAILOUT" or TARP (troubled asset relief program).


Congrats to MCIG's Director of Finance Hayward Williams III, he is the fourth partner to pursue a doctorate degree!!!


Gas prices rose by 2 cents over night bringing the national average to $3.98 per gallon. Do you think that it is fair for the U.S government to continue to subsidize oil companies when they are experiencing record breaking profits? What is the price per gallon in your city?

It is very important to maintain your professional/business network. Do you have an account with your professional profi...
LinkedIn - World's Largest Professional Network

It is very important to maintain your professional/business network. Do you have an account with your professional profile/resume on ? Did you know that 80% of America’s companies use social media for recruitment, and 95% of those companies use ?

100 million+ members | Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.


MCIG came out to Sharp Creek Elementary School yesterday in Carrollton, GA. We were honored to have that opportunity to spend some time with all the 5th graders! We expressed the importance of having an education and having fun at the same time. One motto we like that SCES says is "Make it a Great day or Not, the CHOICE is always YOURS!"


This just in: Our partner Demetrius Bell (Director of Information Technology) and his beautiful girlfriend ( now fiancée) Autumn London are in engaged to be married in September 2011!! Congratulations to you both!!!


This just in: MCIG is booked for a speaking engagement at a Carrollton GA school later this week. We are honored and excited about having the opportunity to spend time with the youth, express the importance of education, and have fun while doing this. Let’s see what kind of treats we can offer the children. MCIG continues to give back!!!


Congratulations to Nikki Yolanda Marchman, Director of Public Relations. She is the third partner of MCIG to pursue a doctorate degree.


If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, artist, producer, model, actor or actress please showcase yourself on this page. Feel free to broadcast your website or contact info; please summarize your service or product. You never know what connections will come from this. MCIG sincerely appreciates you for following us.


Congrats to MCIG’s Director of Operations, James Rush on his appointment as Co-Chairman of Corporate Affairs for the Nbmbaa Atlanta Chapter. This should present great networking opportunities. It's all about building relationships!!!


Is the lack of confidence holding you back from perusing your dreams of starting a business? Would you feel more comfortable/better prepared if you had a team of professional consultants, tax advisors, lawyers, business mentors, and other advisors thought to be exclusive to people with a lot of money? If this describes you, please contact one of MCIG’s professionals. You too can have competent people on your side!!


The partners of MCIG want to wish Demetrius Bell, our Director of Information Technology well on his 1st year Doctoral Residency. We know that you will do well.


The partners of MCIG Is honored to manage the start-up process for establishing a foundation for Dr. Christopher Blake Love “keeping his legacy alive”. We have created strong marketing alliances in an effort to pull off this massive project.


MCIG has some great news!! Keep checking out our page daily for more information!


Lotto sales has increased since the start of the current recession. At the same time many states drastically reduced the “Hope Scholarship” because of the recession. Question: do you think that the government can justify reducing the higher education scholarship fund when lotto revenue is on the rise ? Side Note: is it socially responsible to fund education with money that promotes gambling?


Do you think having business ethics is important? What are your thoughts? Give examples!


Today MCIG signed a joint venture agreement with a national organization owned by NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton. This deal will enable MCIG to efficiently address the needs of small business owners, new entrepreneurs, add additional business resources, and expand networking opportunities. Please contact an MCIG professional if you need help with your small business or for business start-up consultation. Thanks


Do you have a "dream job?" If so, what is it?! We want to hear from you!


How would you feel if the U.S government imposed a national surcharge on instant messages? What if they applied a charge in the form of an E-Stamp for all outgoing E-mails in an effort to raise funds aimed at ending the current economic recession?


The rich arguing with the richer over how to split 9 billion dollars. NFL lockout!!!!


For those of you who benefited from the 2008-2010 "First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit Program"; if you filed your taxes by now, hopefully you realize that your Uncle Sam wants you to start paying him back over the next 15 years.


MCIG wishes to send our sincere condolences to Devondre Marchman for the loss of his mother. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Aaliyah, and your wife Nikki Yolanda Marchman(Our Partner and Director of Public Relations) We are in full support of the family in your time of bereavement. God Bless!!!


MCIG has just been approved as a registered supplier with the City of Atlanta. This means that we are now eligible to bid on contracts and do business with the City of Atlanta.


Something to ponder: Does it really matter that late model vehicles are getting better miles per gallon when the price of gas keeps skyrocketing? What's the point? Better yet, what's the solution?


Business is like a ride on a freeway, if you notice that you are traveling in the wrong direction, it’s within your power to find the nearest exit and go the opposite way. Contact an MCIG professional if you need help getting on the right road!!!!


Do you have a twitter? If so, follow us @MCIGLLC on it!!!! SN: Next month we will be introducing our new program it is called Mini Mogul, ask a MCIG professional today!


What kind of business do you want? Do you need a Marketing Plan? Do you need a website? Do you want some business advice? Contact a MCIG professional today! SN: Ask about our new Mini Mogul Program!


Winners of our MCIG Scavenger Hunt!

1st Place Aaliyah Thomas
2nd Place Clifford Barnes
3rd Place Sharlinda Phillips

Congratulations and thanks for participating!!!!


The Partners of MCIG would like to congratulate our own: Demetrius Bell, Director of Information Technology on his decision to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Information Science and Technology. We are proud of you!!!!


Our 12 days of MCIG's Scavenger Hunt has finally ended!!!!! Now, we will be tallying up all the points and will be contacting those who have won and posting their names! So, come back and congratulate the winners!


LAST QUESTION!!!! Twelfth Question: On MCIG’s website: there is a white dot underneath the Director of Information Technology’s photo. Perform a mouse click to the right of this dot and describe the new background picture. Good Luck!!


Eleventh Question:The DOW Jones consists of 30 large publicly owned companies on the stock market. Name 5 of the 30 companies.


Tenth Question: What large business corporations are closely associated with the owners of the Atlanta Falcons, and the New England Patriots?


Sorry for the delay! Ninth Question: Two partners of MCIG are members of fraternities; name the partners and the affiliated fraternities. Hint: Look at our website! Good luck!!


Eighth Question: TARP is a governmental program designed to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen its financial sector. What does the acronym T.A.R.P. stand for?


Atlanta, GA


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