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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Kiss Seo Marketing!As the holiday season approaches, we want to take a moment to...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Kiss Seo Marketing!

As the holiday season approaches, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your support and business throughout the year. We appreciate your trust in us and are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

We hope that this holiday season is filled with love, laughter, and joy for you and your loved ones. From all of us at Kiss Seo Marketing, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

As we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new year, we are excited for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We look forward to continuing to provide top-quality digital marketing services to our valued clients in the coming year.

Thank you again for your business and support. We hope to see you in the new year!

Warmest wishes,

The Kiss Seo Marketing team


Have a Blessed Memorial Day and please take a moment to remember “Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. it fl...

Have a Blessed Memorial Day and please take a moment to remember
“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.”– Unknown


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3 Signs You are a Strategic Thinker in the WorkplaceStrategic thinking is one of the key skills that will help you get a...

3 Signs You are a Strategic Thinker in the Workplace

Strategic thinking is one of the key skills that will help you get ahead. It’s what every recruiter is looking for and what every successful organization needs. But how do you know if you’re a strategic thinker? And how can you showcase one of your most marketable skills?

Strategic Thinkers are Reflective Thinkers
One of the hallmarks of strategic thinking is the capacity to reflect. Critical, reflective thinking allows you to dive deep into all the aspects of a problem. It is a habitual way of thinking that allows you to see the issue from all angles.

If you’re a strategic thinker, you don’t go straight for the easiest or most obvious answer. In fact, you’re likely to be wary of the easy solution and really turn the problem inside out before you decide on a course of action.

Strategic thinkers draw data from many sources to inform their thinking. They explore possibilities and likely and unlikely scenarios. They weigh the pros and cons of potential solutions and think of how each will affect the stakeholders.

Strategic Thinkers make Great Leaders
The capacity to see all aspects of a situation and to think of the possible ramifications makes strategic thinkers natural leaders.

Honing your strategic thinking skills helps to develop and build your strategic leadership skills.

Strategic leaders can join the dots and make surprising connections and have a particular aptitude for systems thinking. Many people tend to have a narrow vision that doesn’t extend much beyond their own job or specialization. Strategic thinkers tend to be interested in what everyone is doing and why which gives them a very different perspective on problem-solving. And because they are looking at the situation from a 360-degree angle, they can assess the impact on the organization as a whole.

This kind of strategic leadership inspires loyalty and trust in employees and clients alike.

Strategic Thinkers Create More Strategic Thinkers
Strategic thinkers tend to be inspiring. They see and think outside the box. They are enthusiastic about the future and its possibilities and inspire a can-do attitude.

Strategic leaders tend to ask questions. They think deeply about the issues affecting the organization, and prompt others to think about the same issues. They’re focused on the strategic vision, how the organization meets the needs of its stakeholders, and how it can go beyond just delivering the same product.

If you want to foster and signal your strategic thinking, learn to think deeply, and ask the hard questions. Go beyond what’s in front of you and think of what is possible.

3 Vital Ways to Shift Your Networking Self-Talk (So It’s Enjoyable)Not everyone enjoys networking. Some people find it d...

3 Vital Ways to Shift Your Networking Self-Talk (So It’s Enjoyable)

Not everyone enjoys networking. Some people find it difficult and excruciating, especially if you’re an introvert or naturally shy. Even if you’re an extravert, there are times when you’re tired or don’t feel like going out and selling yourself to a bunch of strangers.

Sometimes you don’t feel like putting yourself out there, and there’s a networking event that you have to attend. You’re swamped by negativity, but you have to go. You can make it easier on yourself by changing your self-talk, using these helpful tips.

You’re over it
Maybe you’re feeling a bit burnt out, a bit over it, and you don’t want to go. You want a lunch break to yourself or an evening in front of the tv. And sure, if you’ve been going hard at it, maybe you do need a night off. But if you’re feeling negative about the whole thing, step back and take a strategic perspective. What’s the opportunity cost of not going? Maybe there’s someone at tonight’s event that could make a massive difference in your life. Perhaps it’s the important connection you’ve been looking for, and instead of being their perfect next hire you’ll be in your jammies watching re-runs.

Make a deal with yourself. Go to the event, be your best self and then go home and put on your jammies. Best of both worlds, and you won’t be left wondering what might have been.

“I never meet anyone worthwhile.”
Networking can be like dating: you meet quite a few frogs before you meet The One. But have a look at how you’re approaching networking. Do you hang back, waiting to escape or do you make the most of the opportunities there might be?

Get a grip, stand tall, look approachable and make eye contact. Let other people talk and listen. Focus your attention on the other person and not how self-conscious you feel, and you’ll start to make meaningful connections.

“It’s all so fake.”
One of the aspects of networking people dislike is the artificiality and the self-promotion that can feel fake and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be like that, Sure, you’re there to meet people, but make it your mission to find common ground with the person you’re speaking to. It doesn’t have to be about work; in fact, it will be easier to make a genuine connection if you find a common interest in sailing, or volunteering or breeding Persian cats.

Networking doesn’t have to be fake schmoozing: you can do it on your own terms and make more meaningful connections with the people you meet.

6 Ways to Stop WorryingIt seems so simple for someone to tell you to ‘stop worrying’ as though it really is as simple a ...

6 Ways to Stop Worrying

It seems so simple for someone to tell you to ‘stop worrying’ as though it really is as simple a thing as deciding not to worry. In truth, worry can be an insidious beast, winding its way through your mind, leaving behind a trail of half-formed anxieties about the future. No one ever wants the beast there, it just is.

It can be stopped, though. But like most creatures we battle, it takes a little cunning, and a dose of conscious effort to do so. Consider these battle plans:

Take a Reality Break
Worry wants you to think every terrible thing in your mind is about to come to pass, right now, in this instant. But is this really true? Take a step back and consider your worries from a more dispassionate view. How many are likely to come true? If they were, would it really be as bad as you’re imagining?

Hone in on the Problem
Worries tend to be big vague things without a lot of real hard facts behind them. For example, if you’re feeling uneasy but can’t put your finger on why you think you’re going to fail, but still feel like everything is about to blow up, it’s time to take a harder look at what’s going on. What are you really worried about? Keep digging until you find the root cause.

Decrease Vulnerability
You’re inclined to worry a lot more when you’re tired or hungry. That’s because you’re more vulnerable to negative thoughts when you’re not at your best. By paying attention to your body’s needs, you’ll find you worry a lot less and can manage it better when you do.

Quit Trying to Read Minds
If your worries are about what someone else is thinking, you’re just wasting your time. There is no way to know what’s on someone else’s mind unless you ask them. Why not sit down and have an honest conversation instead.

Get Some Exercise
Studies have shown that physical activity has a way of sharpening your focus. As an added benefit, you’ll have a chance to use up some of the adrenaline worries builds up in your system. A win-win!

Let it Go
Worry is amplified the more you keep it in your head. Try talking to a friend or journaling about your concerns. Just letting it out tends to make worries dissipate if not disappear entirely.

Worry doesn’t have to be the monster in your head. Isn’t it time you lived your life instead of wasting time worrying?

6 Practices You Must Perform to Be Strategic in the WorkplaceWhether you’re the boss, a partner, or an employee, it pays...

6 Practices You Must Perform to Be Strategic in the Workplace

Whether you’re the boss, a partner, or an employee, it pays to develop your strategic thinking skills in the workplace. Strategic leadership is fundamentally crucial to your career, and for the success of any organization.

But you might be uncertain about what exactly constitutes strategic thinking and how you go about nurturing it. Experts have defined 6 practices that strategic leaders do well.

Strategic Leaders Scan the Environment
There’s so much day-to-day work to get through that it’s easy to get caught up in the tasks of the moment. Or if you do find time to do some planning, it’s focused on what’s directly ahead of you—next week’s meeting, the quarterly report, the annual conference.

But a truly strategic leader takes a 360-degree view of the business environment. What are the emerging trends? What are your competitors doing? What are your data projections?

Strategic Leaders Are Skeptical
Critical thinking is under-rated. You need to develop a degree of skepticism to avoid being taken in by fads. You might meet resistance of the, ‘but we’ve always done it like this’ type. Strategic leaders challenge entrenched mindsets and habits to find better solutions.

Strategic Leaders Interpret
Strategic thinkers enjoy sifting through multiple sources of information. They test assumptions and hypotheses to see which are robust and worth pursuing. They are comfortable with ambiguity and don’t reach for easy or conventional solutions.

Strategic Leaders are Decision Makers
Some people feel uneasy about having to make a decision. It can be a big responsibility, after all. But strategic leaders are confident in their ability to analyze and assess multiple forms of data. They seek advice and know it’s better to make a firm decision than to be paralyzed by fear of failure.

Strategic Leaders Strive for Alignment
Often alignment is a better result than consensus. It’s hard to get everyone to agree. But strategic leaders build trust with stakeholders, are open about their decision-making processes, and are not afraid to talk about the tough issues. And they take responsibility for their decisions.

Strategic Leaders Learn
One of the hallmarks of the strategic thinker is curiosity. Strategic leaders have a thirst for learning and are always prepared to adapt their thinking when they uncover new information. Strategic leaders live for continuous improvement. They use techniques like debriefing sessions to get better insights into project learnings. They are also flexible and use feedback to course-correct when necessary. Strategic leaders celebrate success and learn from failures.


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