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It’s not hard for democracy to collapse. All you have to do is nothing.

Not My Work!
This is a RePost

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America Is Immigrants.
To have freedom without prosecution.

Unless you are a native!
You are an Immigrant to this country PERIOD.

It's the us the people that make America what it is.


Stonewall Riot's
The change that occurred from this event in History.

Very Similar to today's George Floyd Riots.
Lets see what outcome is in this chapter.

Credit/Source: History Channel.


Another Luck Draw
Cordite Zero G
So far most of the draws I've done I've had to completely finish them to receive the legendary and Epic Skins.


Frontier Justice Draw Complete.

Skin comes prepared for


FireBreak Panda Lucky Draw.


Name these Consoles.


Nintendo Switch? Playing Metroid Zero mission on Samsung Mobile tablet using an Xbox one s controller.


Are you guys excited for Nintendo's next console.
There has been rumors that Bethesda games said that they will not support their console if it didn't have the processing power of a PS4 and Xbox One.
That being said on the official Nintendo switch trailer you see what looks like Skyrim as a running title.

What do you guys think do you like the concept the Nintendo is offering with the Nintendo switch. Do you believe did their Hardware will surpass the Xbox One and PS4 or would it be just as good.

I'm very excited and happy with wooden handle has done and I finally think that they snapped out of it and came out with a really good concept of a console. It's going to be really smart of 2017 by the way Nintendo usually price their newly released call Paul pretty positive that it will run phone 399- 499.


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