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Drug Abuse Slams We started the drug abuse slam page for you to lash back at Addiction with the power of words


I’ll put my life on it that this will happen within the next two years


Explains the current situation in America!!!


Most racist s**t I’ve ever heard a politician say out his mouth!!!!



The real racist


Joe Biden has hurt our country for the past 40+ years

Keeps me chill... Dmc 2k19

Keeps me chill... Dmc 2k19

“I Wish”

“I Wish”

Me and William Joseph Malloy Jr. Knew how to express our feelings and wisdom through words, and not many people can do t...

Me and William Joseph Malloy Jr. Knew how to express our feelings and wisdom through words, and not many people can do that, besides all the other things we had in common, poetry & writing took us to a different level, not many people open up to just anyone, but when you come across someone who can keep it a 💯 wit you, it’s rare, cause I smile in too many peoples faces that don’t like me, and I know, I know that you don’t like me because what another person told you and that’s the last conversation we had together was about a lie that grows and then when people get the truth they still believe the lie, anyway tonight I say goodbye to a special dude, told people how the f**k it was and didn’t care if you didn’t like it, but he made you respect it...💪🏻😉


“That Phone Call”
Damon Dash & William Joseph Malloy Jr.
Phone rings, “he’s not waking up, he’s blue, I think he overdosed”, me “why the f**k you calling me first, call 911”)
I always dreaded that it would end like this, hear comes the tears now I’m angry so I ball up my fist, now I’m looking for something to hit, holes already in the walls, memories from when I was mad punching on s**t, I hope nobody calls the law, they won’t be cuffing my wrist, not today, I have a right be mad, and all you can say is you think I should pray, the pain is major, do you know how much that s**t weighs, the cost of addiction, f**king up with persistence, so many broken homes, parents just missing, moms out tricking, dads in prisons, they have the nerve to ask why the kids are tripping, man f**k this system, set us up for failure, revolving doors, Addiction was not important when it only affected the poor, or when it affected our soldiers coming back from a war, now it’s hitting home they wanna come up with a cure, it was F**k us when we were sick and sore, they act like they care now, I’m convinced that they don’t, Matter fact I am sure...
There's a siren in the distance,
As the daylight is slipping away.
And she tries to put up some resistance,
As her soul is slipping away.
The siren is growing closer,
But she fears she cannot stay,
To wait for the paramedics because
Her will is slipping away.
The siren is loud and comes to a stop.
They burst through the door, not waiting to knock.
But they're too late to help; her family's in shock.
Her life has slipped away.

One of the last poems me and billy we’re doing together💪🏻😓

One of the last poems me and billy we’re doing together💪🏻😓

Sometimes I just wanna scream out loud, I been through some s**t that I’m just not proud,I never fit in, I was never par...

Sometimes I just wanna scream out loud, I been through some s**t that I’m just not proud,
I never fit in, I was never part of the crowd,
I hear some s**t and I’m just like “WoW”
I’m a different person from then and Now,
I have much more balance, I grew a tail, if you want to know, just ask me how, I’ll give you a hint..... “don’t be afraid to fail”

Let it hurt, let it bleed, let it heal, let em leave,It takes a special man to destroy her dreams, he wants her high, he...

Let it hurt, let it bleed, let it heal, let em leave,
It takes a special man to destroy her dreams,
he wants her high, he can’t stand her clean,
He wants a w***e, he can’t handle a Queen,
he’s mentally controlling like methamphetamine,
Let it hurt, let it bleed, call me up, I’ll make him leave....


Please help share our darkest hours to shed some light on the real problem


WrittenBy: Billy Malloy

I don't wanna live like this one more day ...I can Stay sober and lay & wait to get slayed or I can keep Abusing the same drugs sentenced me,..These are some effed up options by the way ..That's what they say . Bit by bit my Liver starts the delayed decay...And it gets hard before the decay.., Am I really at the point of this where drugs are keeping my cirrhosis at bey... Hey its like the Circle of Life but down the way to play as you say hey i need 2 if ya may...My using caused time off life cause of the livers dismay ., ADHD is my superpower so keep your master alive ok ., Cause the chances arIe it's turns out this is true or Nay... I don't wanna rot away alone in the house my family lay... I done some research I'd go weeks sober get sick weeks high and nothing but lies, until death comies to claim his prize .., Its just an exhausting pain..., All because I put my drugs in my viens.., Im slowly losing my weight gain.., My vision losing aim .., Why Correct what they can't take ... Well then it seems there's nothing more i can do ,., Well then I guess you forgot my name ...This overcoming odds isn't new but still the same...I'm hyperfocis my ADHD to battle cirrhosis reign., But Differently than landlords evicting squoters welll it's really the same.., ADHD helped my failed liver gain.. .But the adhd nervous system runs thru the liver with currents powerful enough to tane cirrhous which is my new claim to fame ....Im letting you'll know no never quit and Drs like my reason how ...
Find your own strength to do it now ...
I just got no patience for it anymore ...
So I'm walking around off balance and really sore ... My visions getting poor , I gotta feel for the bathroom door ..
I Don't know if I can let you in more
But remember It only takes iv use to put the best of us to the dirt floor ...Tiffany this is about me but its for your cure...

"You Promised Dad"Written By: Kevin Malloy Published By: Billy Malloy You promised dad you would really quit ..I know yo...

"You Promised Dad"
Written By: Kevin Malloy
Published By: Billy Malloy

You promised dad you would really quit ..
I know you tried hard but i didnt know your word was counterfeit ..
But in the end It turns out your a hypocrite..
You promised dad you will always try ..
But you quit again makes me cry ..
But you wasnt any different than the other times dad tell me Why ..
You promised dad that this time would be different than the last ..
You promised me that you aren't gonna repeat the past ..
You give up your kids before your kick ..
You dont wanna be kid free dad so pick ...
You still sneak into the bathroom ..
And i pray that you make it passed doom ...
Your my father so you'll always get my love even if its sad ...
Hopefully the dope saves me some love for you to give us dad ...
Dad I sadly have to say goodbye ,
and this time I really mean it no lie ,
You broke your promise to me to be high ,
I've already seen it before and now again Dad Why ?
Dad don't care about your only son
Your my father and my life should be fun ,
Im sorry but if the drugs dont take you your health will make sure your done ..
I cant save you dad and it hirts me a ton ,
But I gotta save myself and remember dad you was always my Only One


"Never Say Never"
WrittenBy: Billy Malloy

I wasted my whole adult life on drugs abused ., I was only a teenager when they were first introduced ., I thought I always stayed afloat but really i was just always floating ? I did think it was cool holding the blunt toating , Life was good on the Oxys so cant be my problem plus Dr gave me a script for'em, yeah that's my Excuse , I slowed down long enough to catch a case and reproduce, Now im a Inmate & Father, well thats a bad excuse. My Addiction got even worse over the years, In return All my nevers came true along with my fears ..... "Alone & Homeless" ., The nights were freezing cold ,The day was sweaty hot , Im fkn lost In the Land of the Forgot , I can't be lost in plain site , Im Isolating instead of fkn retailton ,The loneliness is draining all my might , "WTF" Why am I not even in this fight ? Did I reach my peaked as a Kid , How is my Life ever gonna get its meaning back , Jails always have me doing a bid and the drugs always got me doing that side lid ..The worse thing I remember wasnt the people staring or pre-judging it was not being able to bathe or wash off the DIRT, I remember it to well it has my heart about to hurt , I wonder about the depth in the damage I inserted ? Has to be some for my family to just leave me deserted , My clothes started get baggy and turn to that filthy yellow color they even looked like they stunk , Every bit of clothing I own looks funky ,This can't be the life my parents layed out for me , Drugs had taken over my life completely I'm now a has been Ju**ie , Its a horrible way to live , drugs are founded in the streets , And the streets use them to keep you grounded ,Your biggest fear isnt even a overdose , Its losing your spot on the ground like its a fkn Curse ,The streets even have it's own sound , No one should even know that but I do it's a Siren , Scream , Rattle & Pound , You can feel it living under the el , I hid my face every day so noone recognized me in that world of hell , I'm done , tell Rocky I heard the bell , I am happy I'm no longer a part of a life where the Sad part is we dont Care , When living like that the drugs take , As they take from me , I was take from loved ones who care , All this time i figured they abanded me and forgot .. It took me a few times and will power Alot . But I finally threw the drugs down recorded my first real sack .I humbly ask my family to take me back .Im Grateful for the learnt lessons , I still walk along K&A to check on a few cats who were my Blessings( T.J ) , Even tho this still has me alittle bitter , But it couldve been worse I could've been a "Quitter .I'm still a bit confused as to why some of this things happened , But Im back home listening to all the yacking ,I just now need to rid the fact of being unemployed ,Thats a title that doesn't fit being a Malloy

** I have love for the homeless mentality bcuz they are the most caring & giving people that's reality.. So I pray for all the Homeless, Only the ones forced to live like that day by day.. I Just want yous to know I wrote about my dark side just to shead some light on the homeless way **





"Withdrawal" ©
WrittenBy: Billy Malloy ™

Always remember the sickness before Using .., And whenever you think your functional but really abusing .., This drug s**t shouldn't be this confusion .., But it's Why we keep using til were sick ..,The struggles real this isn't an illusion .., Soberity is really the only fix .., You can't sit or stay still .., It feels like your nesting a bunch of nervous ticks ..,You get this craving sensation .., and your body starts going thru physical adaptation and you only need instant gratification .., We lose all patience because our mind is dominated by drug temptations .., S**t I wanted to get up and fist fight the whole nation .., But withdrawal is one tough ass to kick .., Constantly Cold inside and out .., Sweat starts dripping profusely you could replenish a drought .., The body aches turned into sleepless nights .., Your low on will power but you gotta keep up to keep on in this fight .., And no matter how much Pacing you do or Racin you do .., It still feels like you got the worse case of the Flu .., Its Gooey then Grimy to the Pins & Needles... Dripping & Gross....You need treatment and wish for a Methadone dose... Eyes get Puffy and look Hazy and Clouded...Everything has a foul ass smell About It...Our Looks are thin and Weaken... Worse is we look around to see what can sell..Its Sickening....Snot starts Dripping from your nose and"Thicking".... Even our Teeth start to Hurt....Im about to mix s**t in water and shoot fkn dirt... Every Bone in you feels bruised & Battered...Like Arthritis already has them "Shattered",Plus the hardened liver and HepC Stigma has me Hunched Over.. The Brains Pounding from all sides of your Skull...Suns to Bright to deal with so we squint till it's Dull...The Slightest Breeze could shatter your bones... Its even worse when your triple ones with no place to call home... There's never No Time or Place to Rest... Nerves feeling like Spiders are Crawling in the Flesh.... Shaking so bad i can barely write these lines... So I try to go away to Rehab.. It's a Must I Get It this Right....We might always relapse, But we might not get another recovery......


We started the Drug Slam Page for you to lash back at Addiction with your words... addiction effects so many families along with the addict..


WrittenBy: Billy Malloy

Addiction how can you sentence me? What are you my judge ? i got habits not leaving, nope wont even budge, Now William Malloy thats my god giving name, but playing with drugs soon became the game, But the real storys inside, its Depression, sad but yet its all the same, You lost trust from everyone "Lying Shame", Stay true, don't know why I'm Lost, "Crying Lame", Yelling leave me alone, "I'm Fine", when inside I’m really dying, with a laugh as fake as tears, "I Will" im done, Kensington is now yours "You Keep" but trust my words though, Inability to move is not from lack of trying, Wanting my mothers love "Her Words Denying", Happiness wasnt always a choice, "I'm Crying", You’re not even trying hard enough whats that all about? "She Shouts", You have nothing to be depressed about​, "Na Mom" just the landlord putting us out", and nobody would choose this drug s**t ever, I’ve been fighting for years, this addiction, ” I Had Several" , I wish it were that easy cause everyone would win, All I know is when i wanted something​, "I Fished Out Sinned", Now that’s my problem family you can't help with now I see, These Demons in my head never sleep they won't "Leave Me Be" , They dont ever stop I hear all their Lies, everyone i ever loved, "Now Died", and we feel all our weight slipping away our ribs now clapping,
That empty feeling inside "S**ts Not Ok", and We all know that drugs suck but yet we pay, But only to keep the demon at bay, And now Families are starting to pay addiction attention but never said nothin to us so "why the F**k Mention", and rehab is nothing like the insurances report, it's all about your clothes how much money or how many packs of Newport, see me I want out I'm done wtf Help Me", But it's cool you decided to do nothing But Ignore, now This disease got me running around like im its "Crack W***e", and When did we lose our morals ? These drugs got me seeing double, "Plurer", and Living in kensington makes you believe this life is Fine, But really all you see is too many lost souls
walking around "Blind", And some people live secret Lives, some inject their kids, some sell their wives, our hearts are broken "No Cast" we need to put this addiction in the Rearview, "The Past", Cause Drugs change you, "How To Look", "Who To Love", "When To Laugh", Once a well dressed human being now smells "No Bath" , Maybe Just maybe we should stop lying saying yo “I’m fine.”, and try showing the message differently than a man "Begging With A Sign"...........

Pros and cons of addictionDMC 2k19

Pros and cons of addiction
DMC 2k19

“nick”Dmc 2k19

Dmc 2k19



Life is Hard Under The EL, And if you listen close enough, there's a story to tell ...

(Billy)Friends come and gone, heartbeats gone flat, there at the end of the line, and I don't mean BRIDGE AND PRATT (Damon) Some people think he’s tired, he’s just taking a nap, he just shot 5 bags, the train just left BRIDGE & PRATT

(Billy) scheming sub doctors, to picking locks, ain't much better at MARGARET & ORTHODOX (Damon) last night she was r***d, bruises on her face, she’s scared but won't call cops, she’s just ready to cop next stop is MARGARET & ORTHODOX ,

(Billy) All I'm saying, everyone falls off their perch, it's the unholy Grail right there at CHURCH (Damon) he’s sick as a dog, he’s shaking and sweating, his whole body hurts, next stop Is CHURCH,

(Billy) North Calthoic,Tow Pro both failed, now you gotta look how life's track marks have derailed, you got people lost all the way up ERIE & TORRESDALE (Damon) to me and you, He’s just an average person, but deep down he’s slowly reverting, 2yrs clean, he just got out of jail, he’s ready to relapse, next stop is ERIE & TORRESDALE

(Billy) There leaning & nodding and they ain't doing yoga, it's twisted living, that's how they do it at TIOGA (Damon) she crossed the line, she’s now selling her ass, she’s chasing that high and she’s needs a blast, she had tight little body before, from all that yoga, she lost that fast at TIOGA

(Billy) K&A sads Me and I gotta disagree, this shot is the land of the lost trust me , at ALLEGHENY (Damon) he just lost his mom and his whole world is raining, he was awesome artist who enjoyed his paintings, his worlds slowly shrinking, about to lose his lady, He’ll forget about it all down at ALLEGHENY,

(Billy) I just it's better then lonely nights, your selling works to forget, it's the addict only way to get down around SOMERSET (Damon) he’s wanted by the law, has no where to sleep, he’s from Montgomery county, he’s not use to these streets, he just wants to get high and get a little rest, he’ll have hard time down at SOMERSET,

(Billy) Homelessness, Smoking & Shooting it's never fun, but the devil got dues, and he collects at HUNTINGTON (Damon) she’s been up for days, maybe a week, flash backs of getting r**e runs deep, it’s a 100 degrees, she feels the heat, her life’s f**ked up, she won’t ask for no mulligan, it don’t get any better for her down at HUNTINGTON,

(Billy) yuppies are viewing, people are now falling out, bodies are laying in coffins , it's how they view it at YORK & DAUPHIN, (Damon) it's how yuppies are he’s been hiding it well, this nasty addiction, but deep down inside something is missing, his family has no idea they will be picking out his coffin, they’ll find'em dead at YORK&DAUPHIN,

(Billy) From pawn shops to perks, you can everything even your kids , over near BERKS. (Damon) she had a great job, then she got hurt, the pain was major the dr prescribed her perks, now she’s shooting dope and she needs her works, won’t be hard to find the next stop is BERKS,

(Billy) so those that don't want change cause change is to hard, na you rather beg for change, around FRONT & GIRARD (Damon) she's had a child and she’s suffering from post pardon depression, she’s been pampered her whole life, really hasn’t learned any lessons, she’s trying change but the change is hard, she won’t find hope at FRONT & GIRARD ..

So remember life is hard Under the El, and if you listen close enough there's a story to tell, and the best ones usually start with "Hey Remember That Day Under The El"

“Is Love Lost”Dmc2k19

“Is Love Lost”


Convicted Thoughts
WrittenBy: Christopher Drescher

what is a convicted thought?
mind numbing and deceitful
pushing out whats truly sought
destroying what is peaceful

locked behind the mental bars
cuffed unto my soul
bending strings, my hearts guitar
is playing for control

sentenced to a lifetime
of neglect among my peers
searching for a lifeline
finding naught but fear

the truth is still unwinding
lies are winning out
41 and just now finding
what life is all about

the force of my addiction
overwhelming for so long
the bane of my existance
TODAY I will be strong

no longer so controlling
arrested, it's been caught
for it the bells are tolling
as i form convicted thoughts!



Philadelphia, PA


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