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Redneck Inventions. Let's us introduce you to the greatest redneck inventions. Along with funny pics you will really enj


I just can't keep it in sometimes.



Girly Goals


They Rode The Tortoises Like a Bike.

Credit : Oregon Zoo



Cuteness level = 1000% 😍

Credit: Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou



Cuteness level = 1000% 😍

Credit: Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou



I have never related to something so much 😂
Credit : Juggling The Jenkins


So cool.

The cat one was the best 😂🐱



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I can't help myself self so I shared.

Llámalo "Daño Colateral".
Cheers ears
Hello everyone and thank-you for your time. I built the World's Heaviest Segway for Discovery channel. You can see the Monster Segway by clicking on the link for this contest that I'm a semi-finalist in.

I would absolutely love it if you could vote for me and help me win $30,000 while checking out my build. There's also a video at the link if you want to see it raising hell. It's built on Case backhoe tires w/ a 4 cylinder Saturn car engine and Harley Davidson exhaust!

This stage of the contest is no longer about skill, it's an online popularity contest and I deserve to win based on *skill* so I really need you to click the link and vote after watching and deciding for yourself. Seeing is believing!

If you won't vote for TRUTH, at least give this comment a thumbs up so others might see it :P
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Winter is Here
Who has a cheaper plow system than this... set-up ?
The Hot Water snowplow has been doing some extreme landscaping/road building and berm making (to hide a tire fence/wall).
With just an old ford f150 and a homemade contraption that I call a snowplow (as that is what I designed it for)...
I have taken back a slate mountainside, and am digging down to bedrock, as well as moving the fill across the yard and using it for many purposes.
I have also moved a few tons of driftwood planters and fencing, as well as my 8 foot diameter bench and all the rocks that came off the mountain side.
The plow is remarkably resilient and has only minor issues to it.
The pivot arms had to be replaced, as I was using galvanized pipes and my welds were not strong enough to withstand the extreme abuse I have been putting it through. I removed the old ones and purchased 7 feet of 2"X3" 1/8" steel tubing, that I then cut in 2 and matched up to angles irons at the bottom end and 1 1/2" round steel pipe at the hinge area.
New welds are holding strong.
The winch pulley triangle had to be rebuilt and I used some 1/4"X 2" x 2" angle iron (that folded over on the first series of tests), then I added some parts from a hockey net and it is much stronger now.
I also replaced the winch to a 4000 lbs model, it is much faster, quieter and has the bigger cable (I have busted the new cable 3 times during this project (so far), I only load enough cable for my needs (the plow has to be able to dig down below the level of the truck, by about 24" ) .

This plow system was built in my backyard, using basic tools, a side-grinder plus a 110v flux core welder.
I am amazed at what this thing will do.

Come see my videos, and learn how to make one for your own needs...
Feel free to ask any question.

ps. for personal use only... try this at home .