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โ€œSo this random old lady i was sitting next to on my flight was staring at my phone the whole time so i had to catch her in the actโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚
Via: @izzo25

Mariah S - Strong wind vs Doggo

Mariah's brother sends her a video of their Pomeranian standing in their backyard with a strong gust of wind blowing through it's fur.

Jacob P - Collab_BitchMP_Kid_blue_sweater_attacked_by_goose

Jake and his classmates were supposed to count the number of goose eggs in the nest for their science class. They needed to find a way to distract the goose and keep it away from the nest so one of his classmates ran at the goose and slipped and fell while trying to run along side it distracting it.

Anna D - Collab_BitchMP_TikTok_Wii_theme_song_dog_stairs

Anna created a Tiktok video of her maltipoo dog Teddy. After being stuck at home all week because of the Polar Vortex snow storm, Anna decided to try to make a Tik Tok video doing a dance. She decided to create a video of Teddy on the stairs of her house to the beat of the Nintendo Wii theme song. It took her a long time and endless amounts of "sit" and "stay" and treats but in the end the video turned out great.

Gianna G - Collab_BitchMP_TikTok_bee_girl_transformation

Gianna has always been told that she looks like the girl from the Bee movie. She thought it would be funny to do a Tik Tok pretty boy swag transformation where she turns into the Bee girl.

Check her out on social media!

Kristianna K - Collab_BitchMP_Baby_dog_cuddling_on_couch

Kristianna woke up one morning and realized that her daughter was not sleeping where she put her to bed last night. Kristianna walks around her house and finds her daughter and their family dog Sasha laying on the couch cuddling and sleeping.

Check out Kristianna on social media!

Mariah S - Collab_BitchMP_Snowboarder_pulled_behind_car

It was a snow day at Michigan State and Mariah and her fellow study body were upset that classes were not canceled. While walking home from class she noticed the boys who lived below her dorm were playing around in the street. Her roommate told her that they were pulling a snowboard behind a moped earlier and now they pulled a snowboarder or skiier behind a car. They succeeded building a ramp and did a jump off of it.

Check out Mariah on social media!

James Denton McMahan - Collab_BitchMP_Uno_card_game_win

Harley records a TikTok video of him playing Uno against his girlfriend. She puts down a yellow card and calls uno and he plays a bunch of wild cards after and defeats her all in one turn while making her draw a bunch of cards. Clearly he's single now after this ordeal.

Check him out on Tik Tok! @harleymcmahan

Brandon C - Collab_BitchMP_Dog_couch_missile_launch

Brandon's dog Kari loves being played with and enjoys being roughed around with. Brandon's dad always messed around with their dog and pretended to do missile launches off of Kari but this time Kari reacted as if she exploded from the missile launch.

Sydney A - Collab_BitchMP_Empty_classroom_gift_bags_holidays

Sad professor in classroom with only a few students and gift bags. This video stemmed from a class assignment where Sydney and her classmates were tasked with making a viral video. So, it was all staged by her group and their teacher and as a result it was completely fake, despite many people thinking it was real. Furthermore, since this was staged the process started with a class group brainstorming how to make a viral video and this was the idea they came up with. So, they recruited their professor to be the main character, the teacher who hosted the "party". Then, they found an empty room, bought gift bags, and snacks to set the stage. Then, Sydney recorded it on snapchat, posted it to her story, then posted it to Twitter. Twitter is where it gained all its attention.

Anna K - Collab_BitchMP_Kid_playing_VR_trips_falls

Anna records her little brother playing with a VR headset. While he's on the edge of a building in the game, he takes a step off of the skyscraper and falls in the game and trips over some wires in real life as well. Talk about interactive.

Sarah Ashley Bryant - Collab_BitchMP_White_puppy_dog_laying_in_mud

Sarah Ashley's aunt Kimberly records Rose their brand new white English Bulldog laying in a mud pool outside in their yard. Rose is usually an inside dog but today she wanted to let her out to play and when he went to go look for her she finds Rose in a puddle of mud. Kimberli was trying to talk her out of the mud when she suddenly pops up and begins to run onto the patio and decides to run inside the house across carpet, tile, and through the dining room curtains. As a result, it took 3 1/2 hours to clear up all the mud and water in the house.

Jordan I - Collab_BitchMP_Dog_pet_cat_hug_couch

While Jordan was sitting on her couch relaxing and watching a movie, she looked over at her dog Maggi pet her cat Pumpkin. Pumpkin proceeds to "hug" Maggi. Jordan thought that Maggi was going to jump on Pumpkin but turns out they just wanted to share some love.

CV - Little girl runs from dogs

โ€œYโ€™all look at my little sister running away from these dogs. ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚โ€
(Via: @jaylareann_)

CV - Kid in tire costume

"one of the kids i nanny was really wildin out with his Halloween costume" - via: keepthefaith360

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