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Congratulations, Sunisa Lee. We are so proud of you!

Congratulations, Sunisa Lee. We are so proud of you!

Sunisa Lee’s dad watched her compete at the world gymnastics championships from a medical center.


Congrats to Sunisa Lee!





Original: La Korn Jark (Lao Classic) Written into Hmong: Rev. Cher Vang Kong Edited for special event: Thai Sounders Sung: Thai Sounders and Bowya Fouvaung


  I was told as a woman of color that I shouldn’t go out, shouldn’t talk to strangers, that I was going to get hurt, that if anything happened to me it would be my fault, for doing what I shou…


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Listen carefully.


Will Hmong people ever be united around the world???

"No matter where we have been separated to around the world, we will find our way back to each other."

Hmong American and Hmong Thai collaborate!!

Ntiaj Teb Koom Tes - Unified Worldwide
by Tou SaiKo Lee and friends.


Have you honored Peb Cov Txuj Ci, our Traditional Hmong Arts lately?

Hmong Rapper practices with Traditional Hmong Violinist. (Nkuaj Nog Ncas or Xim Xau).

Tou SaiKo Lee unites with Wangsue Lee for an intergenerational collaboration. This is just a preview!

Look out for the Fresh New song "Mov Nste Dej" to be released soon!!

CHECK OUT the New Album by Tou SaiK titled "Ntiaj Teb Koom Tes" translated to "Unified Worldwide"


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What are your thoughts about these lyrics here?
Tsis xav ua teb lawm, Koj tsis nyiam noj xyoob.
Tus hlub kuv hais txog yog, Peb txog kev Hmoob.

Tou Saiko Lee -Nco Qab Txog (new release 3/6/18)
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Is this the new Hmong Wonder Woman?
Do you like this outfit?

Where are the MEN in Mentor?written by Robby Vang.

Where are the MEN in Mentor?
written by Robby Vang.

A big part of our Hmong-American collective is that there is a crucial piece missing when it comes to higher education. I grew up like any Hmong kid, surrounded...


Hmoob lub khw kho tsheb nyob lub xeev Wisconsin.
Nws puas ua hauj lwm zoo thiab?

Look out for this new song!Community Artist Tou SaiKo Lee is going to drop a brand new track!Tuesday, March 6th.(Hip Hop...

Look out for this new song!

Community Artist Tou SaiKo Lee is going to drop a brand new track!

Tuesday, March 6th.
(Hip Hop Lyrics will be in the Hmong language)

"Nco Qab Txog"

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Maa Vue Named President of Yellow Diamond RecordsMERCED, California—February 3, 2018—Yellow Diamond Records today announ...

Maa Vue Named President of Yellow Diamond Records

MERCED, California—February 3, 2018—Yellow Diamond Records today announced
Maa Vue as their president, a new position within the company. Effective immediately,
Vue will be responsible for overseeing marketing, financial reports, event operations
and staff coordination along with mentoring artists in Yellow Diamond Records.
“Since Maa joined us in 2013 as an artist, she has also contributed her professionalism
on organization, communication and leadership towards the company,” said Tre Xiong, CEO of Yellow Diamond Records. “Maa’s talent and her passion to help build this foundation has really impressed me and I could not be more pleased about her appointment of being the President of Yellow Diamond Records. I am confident in her abilities and excited for the future of YDR.” Yellow Diamond Records anticipates that with Maa as the president, it will help thecompany continue their targeted growth in the music industry as well as sustainingpositive morale between management, artists, and fans.


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