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It's here. The highly anticipated, and (very) long awaited eighteenth issue of Apeiron Review. Life is hard, pandemics a...
Apeiron Review | Issue 18

It's here. The highly anticipated, and (very) long awaited eighteenth issue of Apeiron Review. Life is hard, pandemics are tough, and I could have moved faster, but it's here and it's beautiful. Share and read the issue meant for Winter 2020, but waited till the better days of Summer 2021 to arrive.

Issue 18 - the long awaited pandemic issue. Poetry, stories, fiction, creative nonfiction, photos, love, joy, nostalgia, and pain.

Issue 18 back cover photo by Richard Wu"Please Sit"

Issue 18 back cover photo by Richard Wu
"Please Sit"

Issue 18 back cover photo by Richard Wu
"Please Sit"

Issue 18 front cover photo by Jim Ross"Fine Place to Leave a Bike"

Issue 18 front cover photo by Jim Ross
"Fine Place to Leave a Bike"

Issue 18 front cover photo by Jim Ross
"Fine Place to Leave a Bike"


Authors and Artists,

We've held your work for too long with not enough movement. The magazine is going to take a hiatus to re-evaluate what we do and how we do it. I will formally withdraw all submissions. The issue in progress will be completed.

The number of submissions and interest in the magazine is great, and I (and we) are thankful for that. The truth of our lives right now is that we simply cannot handle the level of interest and submissions we receive in a timely enough manner to be respectful of your art and you.

Please watch out for our return. I hope it is a quick one.

All the best & thank you for sharing yourselves and your art with me.



Hey everyone! We're behind, but we're here. Updates coming.

Photos from Classics You Slept Through's post

Photos from Classics You Slept Through's post

Instagram Photos

Instagram Photos

Classics You Slept Through

Classics You Slept Through

Happy Public Domain Day!! Works from 1925 are open to all! That means Gatsby and Dalloway are options for the podcast (you know you slackers slept through those in HS). I'm so excited! What will be next once we finish A Princess of Mars?!?

Oh, happy new year, too!

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Classics You Slept Through

Classics You Slept Through

Two new episodes this week. What do you think of Burroughs, Carter, and Mars so far? I'm not so sure I agree with Ray Bradbury here, but I could be wrong. Who would be your choice for most influential writer??

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Looking for some results to fill your need? Well, I don't have the election results, but I do have the breakdown from our submission period that closed on Oct. 31st. Here they are:
Total submissions: 612
Poetry: 307
Fiction: 293
CNF: 9
Photography/Illustrations: 3

Poets are the clear leaders here, though fiction was not too far behind. Where are all the CNF writers? And I know we're not the number one choice for visual artists and photographers so we'll take what we can get. Thank you to all who submitted to issue 20. Hang in - you'll hear back, I promise. Our review times are closer to 6 months.


Last week for submissions. We accept simultaneous submissions so there's no risk of your work sitting captive. Response times vary so get it in!


It's October and submissions are open! So finish carving your jack-o'-lantern and submit your good stuff. Check the guidelines for the details, but basically no more than 3 poems, 5 photos, or 3k words. I don't generally pick poems heavy on end rhyme, genre fiction, or photos of people. Check out previous issues to see if you think we're a good fit for your work.


Three Updates:

1. Final decisions for issue 18 (submissions from Oct. 2019) have been made. Expected release in the fall/winter. We're working on editing and designing the issue.

2. Decisions for issue 19 (submissions from March 2020) are ongoing.

3. Submissions for issue 20 will open on October 1st. Start thinking about what to send us and pick the the good ones. ;)

Classics You Slept Through

Classics You Slept Through

This moment in the book nook 🖤🤍

New episodes coming soon. There's a lot going on in our lives right now aside from the podcast, but this moment right here is everything.

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"As if she remembered what it was like to fly through stars."Poem by Scott Ferry from issue 17. This one creates a quick...
Ligaments, death - Issuu

"As if she remembered what it was like to fly through stars."

Poem by Scott Ferry from issue 17. This one creates a quickening in my chest. Small moments of such depth - gets me every time.

I popped my knee she stated too calmly on the phone. She fell near the top of the run with our daughter feet away and slowly trudged her way up twenty yards with her skis to the patrol station. By the time I flew down the run and rode the chair up she reclined in the patrolman’s sled, wrapped in a...

Poem by Carly Noble. This one caught me early on when reviewing submissions for issue 17 and it sticks with me still. Th...
A Detour on a Sunday Morning - Issuu

Poem by Carly Noble. This one caught me early on when reviewing submissions for issue 17 and it sticks with me still. There is a subtlety to this one that speaks to the depths of love and pain.

I pass you every Sunday morning Taking my daughter to dance class To watch her twirl in teeny-tiny slippers Sometimes I slow down So that the light will have to turn red, and I can pause for a moment In your vicinity, Without admitting I want to. My daughter will shriek That stopping near a graveyar...


A most overdue update for all of you:
So, when I posted and officially released issue 17 I was newly in labor and I wanted to be sure to get the magazine out before any more excitement happened. I got it out in time, and just after the morning broke the next day (and after a rather long night...) we welcomed our new baby girl, Viola, to the world. Needless to say, the 2 weeks since have been a bit of a blur and so promotion of issue 17 has been left up to you. I've been promoting mostly the production of milk (and sleep when I can get it...)

But worry not - issue 18 submissions will be read as well as issue 19 and we'll be back on track. Please share issue 17 everywhere and let your writer & non-writer friends alike know about us. Until next time, I have submissions to read and a baby to feed...

Oh! what a beautiful morning for some new #fiction #poetry #creativenonfiction and #photography!Issue 17 is finally here...
Apeiron Review | Issue 17

Oh! what a beautiful morning for some new #fiction #poetry #creativenonfiction and #photography!

Issue 17 is finally here - pandemic couldn't stop us and now we pass the depth, dignity, and creativity on to you. Enjoy the spring 2020 issue of Apeiron Review.

Spring 2020 issue. Fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and photography. Depth. Dignity. Creativity.


Issue 17 is coming soon. How soon? So soon you can check out the photos from the front and back covers as our fb cover photo & profile pic. Check back soon for the full link to the issue.

Apeiron Review

Apeiron Review

Apeiron Review's cover photo

Apeiron Review's cover photo

Classics You Slept Through

Classics You Slept Through

Past...hey...the second discussion episode of The Island of Dr. Moreau drops today! Go listen to Kyle and me untangle what the eff is going on with "the one who walks into the sea" and discuss the beastly nature of humans.

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While you wait for issue 17, go check out the podcast, Classics You Slept Through. Final part of the 3rd book is up toda...

While you wait for issue 17, go check out the podcast, Classics You Slept Through. Final part of the 3rd book is up today.

Chapters 14 - 22, the final read aloud for Dr. Moreau is up today! Go listen and see what Dr. M has to say for himself by way of explanation and find out the fates of the men and beasts alike. Dun dun DUN!

#cystpod #classicsyousleptthrough #CYST #newpodcast #sciencefiction #scifi #hgwells #classicliterature #projectgutenberg #publicdomainbooks #horror #spotify #applepodcasts #stitcherpodcast #read #readalouds #books #montgomeryiskindofadick #ilovethestbernardman



If you are a contributor to the spring issue then you need to check checkity check your email for the issue 17 author proof. Review your work, and if you need to make a small edit get it to us by Friday 6/19.

Classics You Slept Through

Classics You Slept Through

"Evil are the punishments of those who break the law", so don't be a silly ass, join us tomorrow (6/15) for the first discussion of The Island of Dr. Moreau.

#cystpod #classicsyousleptthrough #newpodcast #spotify #applepodcasts #stitcherpodcast #literature #classicliterature #scifi #hgwells #sillyass #montgomerysfaveinsult

Art by Vincent Roché


Contributors to issue 17 - check email. You have an update from me about the issue.


Those of you who follow us on social media may remember that there was some glitch with our website where it lost all the updated content and reverted to content from 2015 and earlier. I have been working to recover what I can with the help of the internet archive. I'm happy to say a good bit has been restored, though I'm still sad that it's not all of it. You can check it out at https://apeironreview.com/

Issue 17 is coming. We've been a bit slow, all things considered, but it's coming. Try catching up on the podcast, Class...

Issue 17 is coming. We've been a bit slow, all things considered, but it's coming. Try catching up on the podcast, Classics You Slept Through. while you wait.

Second half of the read aloud is up now! Go listen! Find out what happens now that Gregor is what he is.


#cystpod #classicsyousleptthrough #classicliterature #readalouds #kafka #kafkaesque #books #bookstagram #podcasts #newpodcast #blueyeti #spotify #applepodcasts #stitcherpodcast #audacity


Issue 17 is close. We're moving along despite the pandemic life set-backs. Sometimes finding time, even when it seems like you've got more than you had before, is hard. If you've got kids and you're in lock-down you know what I mean. Even if you don't have kids, you're probably feeling it too. As I try to arrange all of your words for the issue, lay them out, and get the artwork, I try to focus on my growing family and finding a new balance in the new normal, too. I wrote a poem of my own for the first time in a long time today and it felt good. Hang in there, writers & artists. We need you now and always. You will be a major part of how we all process what is happening and what has happened when the air clears.

Classics You Slept Through

Tune in this week to my new podcast! - M

It's happening - tomorrow, 4/28. When you wake up it'll be there - Episode 1. Launch day. It's like Christmas, but better because it's exactly what you asked for #ImgoodonsocksMa
Meet us and find out what the pod is all about. Then stick around for the first read aloud on Wednesday 4/29. You're going to love our French Canadian accents.
Find The Call of the Wild on Project Gutenberg (gutenberg.org) if you want to follow along.

Classics You Slept Through

Hey everyone! While you're writing your own #books, poems, and stories, come check out some of the classics with me and my brother. We'll read to you and then hang out to discuss with us. Our new #podcast launches on April 28th. - M

#Podcast launching April 28th: Classics You Slept Through. Check out the trailer. If you love #books and want to be a part of the discussion share and follow! https://open.spotify.com/episode/0r1LztUMXG3jcr5tpXqTvN?si=2iD3ZIUPTL-K6B6mJInqKQ #NowPlaying


Issue 17 is well on its way. We'll have over 27,500 beautiful words to fill you up soon.


What's happening with Apeiron right now? Let's see... Issue 17 is being complied. Issue 18 submissions are being read and decisions made. Issue 19 submissions just closed not long ago, so it's in the waiting period. We will get to everyone, but we're prioritizing issues 17 & 18 for now.
That's the news. #stayhome and read.


Submissions are now closed. Here's the breakdown:
Total submissions: 625
Poetry: 332
Fiction: 276
Creative nonfiction: 12
Photo / illustrations: 5
Be patient. You will hear from us, but when varies. As you can see there are a lot more poetry subs to get through and poets can send up to 3 pieces, so there's a multiplier there. We accept simultaneous submissions, so if you get accepted elsewhere first formally with draw through Submittable so I can catch it. An email won't cut it.

Thank you to everyone who submitted this round. We're going to work hard to get everything read. Be well.


Today is the last day to submit for issue 19. Get it in. Make it good.


Philadelphia, PA


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